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A while ago someone was asking about paid news server services,
because they were fed up with their ISP. At the time I couldn't
remember what the name of mine was or what it cost, because it's so
But since I just got my renewal notice, I can tell you that it's
news.individual.net. It costs 10 Euros a year (last year 13.07 US),
for a good feed of about 25,000 newsgroups, but no binary groups.
Since there are better ways to get pictures and videos than through
USENET - like the way people do it here, posting links to their
amazing quilt pictures elsewhere - this suits me just fine.
For an on-topic update, hmmm. Last night I finished a couple of
mounting sleeves and cut doweling and rearranged some stuff in my
house so that there are new quilts on the walls. I'm hoping that will
motivate me to tidy up and invite people over ...
Louise, in Kingston Ontario
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I am in the US so I guess what I do doesn't count, but I get RCTQ through newsgroups. I have internet cable service and they give you newsgroups free. I used to have my internet through the phone company and got the service free through them also. I don't know who you get your internet through, but it is worth a shot to call and find out.
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