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Hey All,
My ISP is discontinuing usenet next week. :( I know a lot of you block
google groups. I will probably read from there for a while. Our ISP
was "kind" enough to tell us we could get half off on giganews for a month.
So $15 for the first month $30 thereafter. Well, it torques me to have to
pay, especially that much, for something that has always been part of my
internet cost. grrrrrrr
I will investigate other things. It gets a little tricky sometimes because
we don't use windows. I will put DH on the hunt too.
If you don't "see" me for a while, that's what is going on. PITA....
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Sharon Hays
Loading thread data ... platform independent, $60/yr, iirc. (more if you want more than just reading newsgroups.)
We've been using it forever (since before it was Newsguy).
-- Jenn Ridley :
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Jenn Ridley
Ours did the same thing last year, and there was way to continue it, even at a cost. It was gone on the date specified.
DS signed me up for gmail on all my sewing groups and so far, so good.
I use it on both the H-P Windows laptop and on the Apple desktop.
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Emily Bengston
I usually just lurk here, but I highly recommend eternal september -
formatting link
Lots of folks on the arthritis newsgroup use it now.
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Nann Bell
freenews . netfront . net Is free ; has some binary groups ; but adds a little tagline to your posts. I've used it since last year when my ISP dropped usenet. If you are not interested in binary groups - there are probably a few other free servers that are better. Good luck. John T.
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Thank you Beverly and Nann.
I got eternal september set up very easily. ;) YAY!!!! I can still gab with all my sewing pals......uninterrupted!!! WOOT WOOT WOOTY TOOT TOOT!!! ;)
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I'm replying to my own note because I didn't ask him what server he used to get the gmail up and running. I should not have posted in haste, I really did not have all the correct information. Sorry! Emily
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Emily Bengston

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