Backup Singer

I need a backup machine anyway so hoofed it off to Wally World and bought a
real cheap Singer for $98. The bobbin is the pits to reach and change but
at least I'm sewing. The last time I had a machine at the shop it was gone
almost 2 weeks. It's the Singer Simple TM.
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Marie Dodge
I'm sorry Marie, but every time I look at the subject line in this message, I see Gladys Knight and the Pips - LOL
Rita L.
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Rita in MA
Like you said at least you are sewing, and since it is a back up machine it hopefully won't get much use. It is always hard to not be able to sew. Glad you are back up and going again.
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That was my first thought too. Couldn't figure out why it wasn't marked O/T.
That's because no one has Singer's anymore. You weren't thinking sewing machines. ;^)
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Marie Dodge
Yes we do! I have five Singers in my home, and all are taken out and exercised regularly. They are all over 30 years old, one is 70+, and I will be the recipient of a beautiful old girl, that my SO's Mom now owns, when Mom feels that she no longer needs her.
Bonnie, in Middletown, VA
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Bonnie Patterson
When I read the topic and your name, I thought, so Rita has a new job!! Do wap, do wap. Shooby dooooo........... PAT in VA/USA
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Pat in Virginia

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