Domestic (brand) sewing machine

Does anyone know anything about Domestic sewing machines? I just bought
one at an estate sale, brought it home, plugged it in, and oh my, does
it make a beautiful stitch. Mine has a serial number beginning with
153MG, but I can't find much about them online. I'm probably not looking
in the right places!
I'd been looking for a more portable machine to take to classes, sewing
days, etc. This one is heavier than I wanted, so I'll probably continue
to look, but in the meantime, I'm sure looking forward to doing some
piecing with it!
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Louise in Iowa
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I had a look on google and typed in Domestic sewing machine and model number. It brought up some hits plus a you tube video. I tried to forward it but I have a new ISP and am still getting used to it. It did not show up, I hope this does. Hugs Shirley
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Howdy! Did you find what you were looking for, Louise?
Shirley, so good to see you here, again!
Cheers! Ragmop/Sandy
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Sandy E

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