Great Kind of Weekend (not OT at all!)

What a weekend I have been having!
1) I participated in the Quilters Mall Hop. I won a $10 gift certificate
from Quilt Something in ID. I got the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Came only 3
days after I ordered it!
2) Went to fuzzy slipper night at my LQS. This is held once a month, you
bring any project you want and spend the night quilting (actually only until
midnight). This month the group met early and someone brought a BBQ so we
each brought our own meat and something to share. I then worked for severa
hours on my whole cloth quilt. Fun evening of "girl" talk.
3) Got home Friday at midnight, packed up my machine and etc. Up earlyish on
Saturday. Took a Stack it, Whack It, and Shuffle the Deck workshop put on by
my guild. Losts of fun! I should have the quilt top finished today if I am
not totally beat after going to the fair this morning
4) When I got home from the workshop, I found an e-mail from my ex's wife.
My baby quilt that I put in the fair (first time I have ever entered any
kind of compeitition) won 2nd place in the machine applique division! My
brother and SIL are adopting a baby who is due any day now. This kid can now
say he got an award winning quilt when he was born! Will be going over to
the fair to see all my competition. On July 29, I will be working at the
fair with the guild!
Debbi in SO CA
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Boy the heat isn't stopping your fun this summer Debbi! COngratulations on the quilt. I have very fond childhood memories of the OC fair. Haven't been there in years and I bet it has changed a lot! Taria
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Fuzzy Slipper night sounds like fun! The QS that is 45 min. from me has a Friday Night Lock up once a month - you go around 7, stay until midnight, they provide pizza and drinks, and you do a workshop and complete a quilt top. They haven't had one I wanted to do for a while but it is lots of fun! One where you work on your own project would be fun, too. :-)
-- Wendy
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