I'm really bummed -- NOT OT

For years, not sure how many, I have been attending the Mancuso quilt show
in PA in September with my friend Cathy. Even though she lives nearby, we
don't meet or speak too often. We have always made time for the quilt show
together. It has been difficult sometimes. There was 2001, when the show
'shrank' due to 9/11. The folks who were there were a testament to wanting
life (and quilting!) to continue even in the face of terrorism. There was
the year of the hurricane, when the event was flooded. But the tradition
Last year, my dear MIL died the last week of August. I forgot about the
show, and Cathy didn't remind me. I'm guessing she felt I would be grieving
too much, and didn't want to intrude. She was probably right. It was
mid-October before I even remembered it was missed.
So, I was REALLY looking forward to this year's show.
Now Cathy has called and life interfered and she cannot attend.
I am so bummed.
DH said I should still go, and he even offered company bless his heart, but
it just isn't the same without my friend oohing and aahing over the exhibits
and sharing the chocolate fudge.
In the big scheme of things, it is not even a ripple. But I thought I would
throw my feelings into cyberspace to share. If any folks could understand my
frustrations it would be all of you.
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Lisa C
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Yes, I understand, Lisa. It was not a strong tradition (yet) with me, but I enjoyed visiting my cousins in Philadelphia the past 2 years. I will be unable to attend this year - I just couldn't work it into my family schedule. I'm dissappointed I won't meet friends there, sad I won't be catching up with my cousins - I really don't keep in touch as well as I should - and bummed I won't be getting a fresh infusion of inspiration.
I have promised myself I'll go to the Houston quilt show next year, but I don't know if I can also work in the Ft. Washington show. I'll have to wait and see. But I'll be thinking about this year's attendees! Fondle some fabric for me, and take pics of the quilts, Kris and the others lucky enough to go!
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And you're right -- we do understand. What a shame this had to happen; it seems life always interferes at the most inconvenient times, doesn't it? But maybe you'll both be able to go next year. Meanwhile, why don't you come to Houston? :)
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Sandy Foster
Lisa, I am hoping to go on Sunday and I may end up there by myself. I would love to ooh and aah with you. I'm ok going by myself, but there's nothing better than going with a friend.
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Maybe you could go, take lots of pictures, buy some chocolate fudge and plan a nice visit with Cathy when life gets back to normal for her. Oohing and ahhing over pics won't be quite the same but it may be a good way to stay connected.
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Ohhhhh Lisa..... I feel your pain. There are just certain "things" that you associate with certain people, and when "things" go sideways and the tradition is interrupted, it's like an empty space. But...... I agree with your DH - you should go. Any other gal pals available that are into quilty "things"?
Hugz Patti
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Patti S
How very sweet, Alice. I hope you two get to attend together. Katrina took my quilt show buddy and I wouldn't even dream of going to a show without a friend to share with. We didn't just ooh and aah. We did some muttering about the judge's character and qualifications and once started a protest demonstration about the Viewer's Choice being totally dismissed by the judges. And would we like to judge a show? Heck, no. There's a yellow stripe running down my back. I just like to complain...and share.
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Polly Esther
Lisa - you might consider going and finding another quilting friend. There's always someone who goes to these shows alone because that's their only choice - and though some of them prefer being alone - many more would appreciate a new quilting friend. I'm sorry Cathy can't attend. I hope you let us know what you decide and if you go, what happened?
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"Jeri" wrote in news:6OKWe.97802$ snipped-for-privacy@twister.nyroc.rr.com:
What a lovely idea! I like it! ;o)
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Mini One
OH Alice! That sounds splendid. I'm feeling so much better now. Will email you with the details, in case you want to meet up.
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Lisa C
Well, just to let you all know, you won't see many posts from Lisa and me tomorrow. We'll be at the Ft. Washington Quilt Show. Don't worry, we'll take pix!
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Hey Folks, did you SEE THIS???????????? Let's get these gals for a Pre-Stash Raid to get us in practice for the REALLY BIG RAID in UK..... Practice Practice Practice
Butterfly (2 for 1 this go round ; )
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It ain't gonna happen - Kirby is guarding my stash and Lisa is leaving her DH to guard hers. Sorry. Better luck next time!
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