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Just to prove I'm not dead....
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shows the backing fabric.
Was a present to our parish priest, my little contribution to the Year for
(When is the Pope going to set out a Year for Quilts? :)
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Oh, I think that's gorgeous. I love stars. The fabric in your sashing really sets them off. Thanks for showing us the backing! I've decided backing fabric has been grossly under-rated. I backed mine with muslin for too long! Some quilts still "ask" for a muslin backing, I think. But on many of mine I gave myself persmission to get crazy and try to pick a fabric that I just absolutely adore.
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Ooh, scrappy, I love it! The 2-stripe sashing looks great! Roberta in D
On Mon, 07 Dec 2009 23:20:30 -0500, Listpig wrote:
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Looks great pig. I like the two colored sashing. That is fun. Lucky priest to get that one. Taria
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Oh wow and atta girl. You did a su-per job of arranging the blocks just right. I love the quilt; it sings a happy melody. Polly
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Polly Esther
Very pretty. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is fussy about my cornerstones going in alternate directions. Good job, Pig. I know your Priest will love it! amy in CNY
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amy in CNY
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Beautiful, Megan! I do love stars, and I'm sure your priest loves the quilt. :)
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Wow! Very nice, Piggie. Oooo- the backing is pretty, too. Lucky priest.
R/Sandy- not waiting for Mr.Pope to decide Year for Quilts - that's every year! ;->
On 12/7/09 10:20 PM, in article C7433E3E.79591%,
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Sandy E

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