Lighting- getting carried away?

I was in a Target store and saw a handbag with an interior light. Rather
startling, but I guess it could be useful for pawing thru all those receipts
that I keep accumulating in the bottom of my purse. Now there's a pair of
lighted scissors! Yep, there really is-
formatting link

What next????? Sheesh!
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Leslie & The Furbabies in MO.
My diamond anniversary ring came in a lighted ring box -- the ring really sparkled when I opened the box!
Elizabeth in Spring, Texas
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Clover's come out with a lighted rotary cutter. I figure if you're rotary cutting in the dark, you've got bigger problems than a lighted rotary cutter is gonna take care of.
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So you don't wake DH. SIL crocheted in the dark for years... she had major back surgery and sleeping was at most impossible for a few she'd sit propped up in bed and crochet whilst her DH slept. They had each others for comfort and if she needed anything he was there to help. Worked out fine for them. It sure would have helped for the 'dropped stitches' tho. She now can crochet anywhere at any time and not have to watch at all. Only does one pattern tho.
HTH Butterfly
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I have a baseball cap with lights on the brim. Just never know when I'll want to play ball in the dark. Polly
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Polly Esther
If they didn't make most purses with black linings, you wouldn't need a light! When I make my own purses and totes, I always use light colors for the inside. I like to be able to see what's in there! One of my friends said they'll get dirty. Told her another advantage of making my own purses - I can wash'em!
Donna in Idaho
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Donna in Idaho
A friend of mine plays even more instruments than I do, and carries them around to folk sessions in a little-old-lady wheeled shopping bag (one of those deep black vinyl things with a tartan panel on the front). He thought it would be a great boon to get an LED torch to help him look for whistles and jews-harps in the bottom of the bag when in a dark pub. Unfortunately it seems to have just given him something *else* he has to look for first.
Some guys might appreciate a surgically implanted laser sight to improve their aim when they get up for a pee in the dark.
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Jack Campin - bogus address
My neighbor and I went into a new fabric shop, that they haven't quite got finished, the lighting was terrible, she went out to the car and got her " baseball cap with lights on the brim" (she uses it to read a map in the car in the dark) and could see the fabrics just fine.
My SO and I have head lamps for walking the dogs in the dark, mine can be white, red or blue light. I loaned mine to SIL on an over night stay at Penn State so that she could read before going to sleep. There was only one light in her room, in the middle of the 10 ft. high ceiling.
Bonnie, in Middletown, VA
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Bonnie Patterson
There is a rotary cutter with a little light on it. It helps with those black lines on the ruler, and it also helps if your fabric has a wild pattern.
Sherry Starr
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Sherry Starr
We have one of those (the red and blue one)! People absolutely love it when they first see it. Amazing what can amuse, isn't it? Of course, that is DH's favourite website. :-)
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Leigh Harris

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