Looking for: Kitty Cat Charm, McCalls October 2000

Hi all,
I have made this pattern before (in fact, it was my first quilt), but loaned
it to a friend who loaned it to a friend, and so on. Point is, I want to
make it up again, but don't have the pattern anymore. Anyone know where I
might find it? I have googled without much luck other than pics of other
people's completed ones.
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Renée Clark
Renee, I am sure I have a copy of the magazine, but I will be leaving on a 2 week trip Sat am and will not have time to deal with it before early Aug. If you can wait that long, and don't get any other responses, let me know. Nancy
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I'm actually going through my magazines today to cull down the piles. If I have that issue, I will let you know. You're welcome to it.
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This is a cute pattern (I have a copy and can send it to you) but I like Janet Kime's charm cats from the book Cats' Meow better 'cos they have tails LOL
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Can you send me your email address... what comes up in the group seems to be spam-blocked! Thanks! Renee renee snipped-for-privacy@NOSPAMhotmail.com
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Renée Clark

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