Nothing to lose, right?

Well, I went and did it. After being out of work for months, and being
prodded yet again to sell my work, I finally let myself get talked into
trying it for real. I have a friend who travels the crafts show circuit in
the west doing
who told me of a show with a very small entry fee of $20.00 and it
Okay I actually said" Why not"?
This weekend I toddle off, borrowed booth in hand, to spend two
incredibly HOT smokey-air-filled-days-from-forest-fires under a plastic
awning for shade, cooler with water and food in hand, to sit in a 10'x10'
space watching people scrutinize my work, handle it and hopefully not get
beat up too badly.
The primary goal is to hand out business cards, generate interest
and listen to what it is that is liked and not liked.
DH has finished putting up a website just for me and we managed to
do it without actually spending any money, no mean feat!
Wonderful friends have designed my logo and are spreading the word,
family swears up and down to help get the word out as well.
Wish me luck, please and if anyone else has done this sort of
thing I'd love to hear about it. Especially if there's a chance
I need to arm myself prior to attending.
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Good luck with the enterprise, Terri. It might be exhausting and frustrating at times, but will be very worthwhile in the end, I'm sure. . In message , Terri writes
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Best of luck with this, Terri! Your site is easy to use, so customers won't get frustrated -- that's a good thing. :)
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How funny, I saw the picture of the Jewel Box custom quilt, that is under construction, thought the layout looks familiar and realised I'm sat on one in the same design! It's green back ground with mostly floral scraps, I have a tiny bit more quilting to do on it, then I need to bind it!
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Anne Rogers
Sandy wrote in news:
I'm so glad to hear this! DH will be delighted as that's something he fretted over. The priorties were ease of use, not confusing, no flashie thingies and straight to the point. He struggled with the flashie thingies a lot, he loves them. Ugh.
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Anne Rogers wrote in news:lfGdnby8SfwlcyTbnZ2dnUVZ
It's the second time I've made the pattern, the first one in greens, blues and purple for my daughter. I wasn't sure if the paisley would work but as I ran out of one of the fabrics it was time to improvise and see how it went. I like the pattern very much but both times I "quilted as you go" but I'll not attempt that again.
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"Estelle Gallagher" wrote in news:
I'd like to get at least one single order. It would make me feel like all this hard work did *something* to justify the hours spent getting ready! Thank for the good luck wishes.
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Patti wrote in news:$
I do hope I get some entertaining stories out of it at the very least. I have my grand-daughter's visit in the booth to look forward to on Sunday and lots of books to read in case I end up just sitting there.
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Terri, start doing some hand piecing. Will be a conversation starter and will bring people to your booth. I highly recommend Inklingo (NAYY, but I love the product. ) or some small blocks, like Dear Jane, Dear Hannah or Quilted Diamonds, (again, NAYY.) I love taking some sort of hand work with me when I am sitting a table, and it does bring people over to see what is going on.
Have fun,
Pati, in Phx
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Pati C.
Terri, I haven't seen you mention your business card. Can you make it easy to find? I'm thinking maybe on paper that's a color rather than easy to be mislaid such as white or ivory; can you list on it the wonderful portrait pillows and other special creations? and, for goodness sake, your website. I'm thinking the customers this first time will be those who remember you when gift-shopping later and you want that card to speak for you. Warm best wishes for a great beginning. Polly
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Polly Esther
"Polly Esther" wrote in news:
I did order some from For S&H I got 250 for $8.00
Can you make it
You're a mind reader! :) I did deliberately choose a vivid blue with a big yellow sunflower on it placed in such a way that it didn't obscure the text. In the future I'd like to get some made with the logo on my website, which was designed by Diane Blackman of
That's a great idea! I'll speak to my web designer about scanning one of them to put there. If this goes anywhere I'll be spending a bit of money to get a better domain name, etc. I was stuck with this one as it was built off the main one we already had and free. On the business card I put the main website address, the email address as well as created a unique tinyurl for it because goodness knows the one I have is pretty awkward with the tilda in it.
I'm thinking the customers this first time
Warm best wishes for a great beginning.
Thank you so much! Gee, with all the words of encouragement I'm beginning to think I might have fun after all! I'll definately give a full report of the happenings that occur this weekend.
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The instructions I had for it had you making blocks that had a diagonal line of 4 squares, with triangles in the other two corners, so you were making blocks from 2 4 patches and 2 triangle squares, but as I got started I decided just to layout the whole quilt and stitch the rows then join the rows - I think for me this enabled me to be more accurate. Those units were 4 inch finished, if I'd have done the pattern method it would have been 8 inch blocks, but personally I think that's too small to do quilt as you go, I reckon it's got to be at least 12 or even 15, to make quilt as you go worth it for all the finishing that needs to be done! I think you also have to watch how the quilting is designed, so for this quilt, the focus of the quilting is in the on point square made by the 4 triangles meeting, which wouldn't be in the block. I haven't done that yet, I've done my background quilting, which is simply wavy lines and I've done a freehand leaf border which I'm really pleased with . I'm still umming and arrghing over exactly which motif for the squares.
Cheers Anne
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Anne Rogers
Anne Rogers wrote in news:wvOdnfpsYvpxBifbnZ2dnUVZ
That's interesting. I long ago whipped my points into shape but on the jewel box, I felt like I was a beginner again. Your technique is something I'm going to try if I make one again. I think you also have to watch how the quilting is designed, so
Yesyesyes! It is the secret of the deceptively simple layout.
I haven't
I'm still umming and arrghing over exactly which motif for the squares.
Oh that's the hard part! I've noticed that regardless of what I have in mind for quilting I never end up doing that. I end up doing what the quilt says for me to do and it's always different from what *I* think. Sassy things!
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