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Hello all,
I've often seen requests for prayers here, and sent good thoughts out
myself, even though I'm not the strongest quilter on earth. Now I'd like to
ask your good wishes for me, that is, actually my little daughter. She has
to have her adenoids out, her tonsils minimized and her eardrums get a drain
or whatever it's called. All this is going to happen tomorrow and although
it's a standard procedure a mother's heart is never at peace and she's still
so little and will very likely have to spend her fourth birthday in the
hospital. So, to ease my worried mind, I wonder if you could send kind
thoughts, prayers, clouds of incense or whatever seems appropriate our way.
Oh yes, and to make matters more interesting, my mother didn't pull a tendon
on her foot, she broke a metatarsal when she slipped in the hospital where
she was to have her heart 're-booted'. And my dad is to have another sample
taken from the suspicious tissue in his chest, this time in another
hospital. Yes, it's quite a lot and that is why I ask your support. I'm
heading for bed now, via packing the bag for tomorrow, and we'll have to be
there at 7 a.m. I won't have time to read then, and won't be able to reply
soon, but I'll feel no end grateful for every kind thought and word sent in
my direction. Thank you all,
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Ursula Schrader
My thoughts will be with you and all your loved ones! Gosh, what a lot to have thrown at you all at once. No wonder you feel so pressured - taking care of a wee one, as well as worrying about your parents. I do hope that your daughter's procedure is truly routine and trouble free, that your mother's stay in hospital is non-eventful, and that your dad's test turns up no nasty surprises.
Best wishes to you and yours from Scotland, Jo
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Jo Gibson
Hope that by the time you read this, it is all over and things are straightening up again.
Remember to take some time out to attend to your own needs; you will be tired and will need some tlc, too.
I think you mean grommets as the name for the ear drain. Having seen children return to school after these proceedures, the difference is truly worth all the worry and tears.
Take care, and my prayers are with you all. Nel (Gadget Queen)
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Such a lot to deal with at one time! Prayers are being said for all concerned, and especially for you, who will be trying to handle so much!
Louise in Iowa
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Louise in Iowa
Sending prayers for you and all your family. Hope that by the time you read this most everything will be returning to normal----whatever normal is! Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More
Prayers and healing thoughts are winging their way. All will go well, and your little daughter will love having ice cream to eat for two weeks!
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Prayers and good wishes for you and all your family, and for the physicians who will care for them. I understand ... mothers' hearts are particularly susceptible to worry. Please let us know how she comes through the surgery, and how your mother and father are faring. And most of all, how you are holding up. Don't forget, put your own oxygen mask on first before trying to help the others breathe. :)
Hugs, Sunny
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Rats! Didn't see this yesterday, so bests of luck to the Demon Fairy for today. Give her a big hug from me when she gets out.
And good luck to your parents as well. remember me to them, and assure them they are in my thoughts at this difficult time. They were so nice to me when I was over with you.
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((((Hugs)))) good thoughts coming! If you need a recipe for a light summer cake, just ask: no baking, it's sour cream (or yoghurt) and whipped cream, lemon, held together with gelatin, use a pre-made cake layer from the supermarket for the base. Serve with fresh fruit. Don't know if your daughter will be eating on her birthday, but this is a good cake for a sore throat. Roberta in D
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Absolutely, Ursala, prayers being sent for your little daugher, your mum, your dad, and YOU.
Karen, Queen of Squishies
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Karen Tucker
More from here in So. Cal. too. Taria
Absolutely, Ursala, prayers being sent for your little daugher, your mum, your dad, and YOU.
Karen, Queen of Squishies
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Thank you all! We arrived this morning back from hospital and are fairly OK. I just sat down to the computer and was overwhelmed how many of you sent good wishes. No wonder things did go smoothly. Thank you again.
DD has to take antibiotics because she developed a fever (probably because she didn't drink enough) , but they wanted to be on the safe side. Well, apart from that, everything went quite well. She raved a bit longer than other kids after narcosis, and thus removed the IV needle from her hand (and fought bravely any attempts to put in a new one, so they could give her any liquids that way). I think she thoroughly enjoyed the time with mommy all for herself.
As for mommy - although the hour with the raving kid that wasn't quite herself was a bit of a crucial test for my nerves, the time there was just what my sore ankle needed. I'll have to lose weight though, but I can't seem to. Yadda-yadda, the old story; don't bother, just let the drivel pass through your ears. ;-)
My parents - mom is getting better; her foot is in a Boot or boot, with an inflatable interior so that it's optimally supported. Her heart seems quite all right, but she developed a kind of shaky hands thing the reason for which doctors haven't found out yet. She says, though, that stress doesn't help, and with dad in hospital stress is plenty, I guess.
Dad will be out of hospital today, too, and so far he has heard nothing of them wanting to keep him. However, I'm not entirely sure if all available information is transported to his family members. He's the kind of typical male who doesn't talk much about his suffering, just vents his moods on innocent passers -by, so to speak, who don't know what has hit them and why (verbally, of course, only verbally). Anyway, I haven't spoken to him since he went, but mom say he sounds so tired. I hope the best but my fears aren't at rest at all. I'll keep you posted, especially when things don't go well.
Thank you once more for your kind thoughts. I had some needlework with me, but it wasn't patchwork. I tried my hand in embroidery with no real success so far, but I thought of quite often. (BTW: does any of you hand embroider? )
Oh, @ Roberta: We'll have a nice party next weekend and the summer cake recipe sounds good. However, some more detailed instructions will be greatly appreciated.

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Ursula Schrader
No-bake lemon cheesecake 1 sponge cake layer (buy ready-made) 1 lemon 1 packet powdered gelatin 2 deciliters plain yoghurt or creme fraiche 200 grams plain Kvark (ricotta) 150 grams sugar 1/4 liter whipping cream
Place the cake layer inside a springform rim, directly on your serving plate. The cake should cover the area well to prevent leaks.
Grate the lemon peel into your mixing bowl. Squeeze the juice into a microwave-safe container. Sprinkle the gelatin over the juice and let it soak a moment. Microwave cautiously until the gelatin melts -don't let it boil.
Mix the yoghurt, Kvark, sugar and lemon peel until the sugar is dissolved. Add the warm gelatin and stir vigorously to prevent clots. Whip the cream stiff and fold it in. Pour into the springform. Cover and refrigerate several hours. Good with any kind of fruit. You can also put a 2nd cake layer on top if you need to install candles and sugar sprinkles.
Roberta in D
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