OT: tonights room update, for those who want to know

One wall is completely done!! Of course, it is the wall with the window, and therefore less space to paint, but.....one wall is done!!!
I used the dark teal first, and I just did the gold over it (not directly over it, but so that it looks like the dark teal is the shadow of the gold image). DH thinks that it is too much and that i am getting carried away, but .......He seldom spends any time in there and said that the room is mine to do with whatever i want.....I'll take another look once the wall totally dries and make my decision then.
Also, I need to get the curtains back up and see how everything looks together. With any luck, I will have the dryer moved back where it is supposed to be - there's actually al oad of clothes in there that needs to be folded, and one more waiting to be washed and dryed...with only a couple of days left, I am getting into manic mode......is there anybody nearby who wants to come help???
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