Quilt dedications for labels

There has been ongoing posts now and then for quilt-y sayings for
labels, I came across this this morning thought some might like to
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Mauvice in central WI
Although I love all the quilty sayings, I have to handmake my labels with an archival pen. I am lucky to get the to - from - and date on it. Am I the only one?
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Boca Jan
Thanks Mauvice! The site starts with advice on basic info to include. It suggests recording who pieced the quilt and if it was hand or machine quilted. Rather than listing technique, I think it is IMPORTANT to list who DID the quilting. For a paid quilter, one could include the name of the quilter OR the business name, if that is more appropriate. PAT in VA/USA
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Pat in Virginia
On Sat, 26 Aug 2006 09:19:37 -0400, "Boca Jan" wrote:
I generally don't worry about labeling quilts, unless there is something special about the quilt itself. No one in my family has ever bothered to label a quilt in the past--just make one and use it until it is shredded then make a new one. The most I plan to do for an everyday use quilt is sign it and give it a year for a date. I might use a micron pen or I might do it in embroidery, but it will be directly on the quilt rather than a separate label. I plan to use the quilts I make, and I don't want to feel a label sewn to the back of the quilt while I'm using it. Debra in VA See my quilts at
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Nope, you're not the only one. Every quilt doesn't need a story attached on a label. The basic facts, who made it, where & when, is usually plenty. I'm still here so any questions about my quilts can be asked and answered. The rest of the story -- make it up; fiction is often more fun. ;-D
Ragmop/Sandy -- often writes basic info on the quilt itself
On 8/26/06 8:19 AM, in article
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Sandy Ellison
I have a new policy. I now make the label as I start the quilt. Too many times I am finishing the quilt at the last minute before it is to be given as a gift. The label is forgotten and I just write on the back of the quilt with a pigma pen. I tried to make the writing small so it isn't noticed unless you are looking for documentation. Now if I could figure out a way to take the picture before the deadline I would have a record of my quilts. Sorry to say I don't even know where some of my quilts have gone. I have a sad handful of photographs to account for my 25 years of quilting.
Susan Price
>There has been ongoing posts now and then for quilt-y sayings for >labels, I came across this this morning thought some might like to >bookmark this page: >
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Susan Laity Price
I just finished one. The label, written with Pigma pen, said "Made for Bill Lastname with Love and Hope. Liz Megerle August 2006 It's a twin size Weaver Fever. I had to make one after seeing Ann's. Pictures will be taken this weekend. Liz
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Liz MacDonald

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