Re: Nasty European Customs Charges

I could be bribed with British chocolate. I don't much care for
the American variety.

> BTDT... ordered EQ4 from Connecting Threads a while back (yikes, 3
> years ago when I dislocated my shoulder!!!) as it was on a very good
> special offer, and by the time I'd paid shipping, handling, VAT,
> customs and for the parcel to have its own VIP seat in First Class on
> Concorde, it cost more than I could have bought it for in the UK... >
> My advice? bribe someone on here with enough British chocolate and
> quilting magazines to last them a lifetime...
> Suzie B
> On Wed, 9 Jul 2003 12:17:26 +0000 (UTC), "Morag Peers"
> >Hi,
> >
> >Hoping some of you ladies can help me out with a wee problem I had with some > >fabric.
> >
> >I ordered about $50 worth of lovely fabric from E as even with
> >paying the 9 dollars postage it's cheaper than buying fabric here in the UK. > >
> >The parcel came this morning and although I was delighted with the contents,
> >I was clobbered for a £8.36 (about $11) surcharge from Customs. I called to
> >ask why, and basically it's because it was worth more than £15, wasn't a
> >gift, and was sent from outside Europe.
> >
> >So, any ways round this? Are there any nice quilting shops in the USA or
> >Canada that will mark something as a gift instead of "merchandise"? > >
> >Thanks in anticipation!
> >
> >Morag
> >
> >
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> "From the internet connection under the pier"
> Southend, UK
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