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It is only available at Hancock's/Minnesota Fabrics. Check and see if they have
it on website if you don't have a local Hancocks.
Pati, in Phx
Has anyone seen the fabric from St. Judes Research Hospital that is supposed
> to have been designed by some of the children? I saw it at Hancock's in
> Florida when we were down there a week ago. I started to get some but was
> looking for something else and didn't. I haven't seen it anywhere around
> here. They have some really neat designs. I particularly like the puzzle > fabric.
> Mika
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Pati Cook
I was in my local Hancock's today and they did have this fabric, but only as a part of a fat quarter set. There are 8 fat quarters for $12 and it's a very vibrant mix, but only one FQ of the puzzle one. I'll keep my eye out for it when I'm in the neighborhood of the other Hancock by me that I know of and if you would like the fat quarter collection just let me know.
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Ocean Gypsy
Many people--you for instance!--are unaware of the lack of affiliation, and the post to which I was replying did not specify. Since they ARE different, I thought it would be helpful to clarify. Apparently you disagree.
An original RCTQ acronym for The Store We Love To Hate, otherwise known as JoAnn's.
Uhhhh.....that WAS the point: to add my observation that the store is full of cr*p. Apparently, you missed it.
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Nurse Ratched

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