Sewing Room Moved!!

from the basement to the 2nd floor!
When we moved here from MN last summer -- set up temporary sewing quarters
in our unfinished basement. It has worked well and I have **stolen** more
room than I was supposed to! The extra space was nice -- but the exposed
ceilings and concrete walls were a pain! (I did staple muslin to the
ceiling which made a HUGE difference in the amount of light!
Anyhow -- this winter we hope to finish the basement -- so need to empty it
out! UGH! About 10 days ago I repainted the 4th bedroom (the joys of being
a 2/3 empty nester). The color we inherited was a BRIGHT (and boy was it
bright!) blue! Took a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint. I tape both
ceiling and baseboards -- and the ceiling when I removed the tape showed how
well (or not) they edged the ceiling. I had to take an artist's paintbrush
and get rid of the blue "ring around the ceiling).
The day after painting I headed to Ohio -- first to my 30th HS reunion (Boy
am I old!). Then to spend 5 days with my DSis. She'll start chemo on the
12th. She still can't eat -- she lost 33 pounds in August. I don't know
how she will manage chemo if she starts this weak! Oh well... keep the
prayers coming! I did get her applications for Medicaid and Social Security
Disability started. So hopefully before too long she'll have some $$ coming
in to keep her rent paid and her lights on!
Anyway -- came back to MI on Thursday. Hung out Friday getting caught up on
laundry and groceries and all the other stuff being away 10 days does to a
household! Saturday was "VEG OUT" day -- and boy did I need it. So today I
decided that before I started sewing anything I'd get the machine moved
upstairs... (not to mention the WAY too many bins and boxes of fabric!!!)
Where did it all come from???
So DH moved my Design Wall and PegBoard (for tools). DH and DS#3 carried up
my desk, one bookcase, my wire mesh drawer units. Then DS#3 made way too
many trips with my tubs and bins and boxes. I'm about 80% organized -- but
managed to get far enough along to sew a few stitches tonight! Boy did it
feel good!
So if any of you wanna come help me organize that out-of-control (at least
organizationally) stash... Let me know! ;-)
Kate in MI
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Kate G.
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I'll come help ya, Kate, but then you have to promise to come to MY house. Hey, this might be a good alternative to a round robin. We will just roam the countryside going from house to house and organizing each other's stuff. So much easier to do someone else's than our own.
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Kate, will you be going to the sewing expo in Novi the end of the month? I'll be there all 3 days. Gen
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I don't know anything about it... fill me in... and if I'm not in Ohio -- I'm sure I try to get over for at least one day!
Kate in MI
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Kate G.

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