Simple project, who posted?

On one of the groups I read someone posted instructions with photos
for a simple "bag" with plastic bags in center for storing needles,
thread, etc....and instructions for children's "bag" to hold
crayons ....NOW I can't find it ....can anyone help please?....Was it
here on this clever group?
Mauvice In Central WI
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Mauvice in central WI
I love that. Has anyone made one yet? I'm on the committee for our Xmas party & we're going to make some sort of table favors - these would be great if they went together pretty quickly. We have to make 60, so they really have to go together quickly.
Pauline Northern California
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I made one of my "Sewing Sisters " has a birthday....went together really today to buy some pencil pockets at Wally world for the next one..... Mauvice
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Mauvice in central WI
This is a sweet little project for kids to hold crayons and paper.
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This just allows you to roll up crayons
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Not the sewing bags I'm afraid but two cute ideas for kids
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Sarah Dixon

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