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I achieved a quilt - before the baby was born!
Hi everyone. I just finished a little and simple quilt to send to my DH's niece. As far as I know the baby is still in utero. This is my second finished quilt ever and has had to be done in the spare...
11 years ago 12
Another Happy Dance
I finally made the quilt for DH that he asked about every time I made a quilt for anyone else! Thanks for the photo! Looks like a happy gift. Roberta in D > I love it Donna! Looks great. Kelly in BC...
11 years ago 23
Why haven't they posted the winners list yet, do you think? Can I just not find it in that mess of an IQA website? Cindy Hi The winners are now on IQA website, when on overnight but still some photo's...
11 years ago 1
Ping: Estelle
Hi Estelle, I bet you are glad you missed this! can't remember exactly where you are down there in the SW when you are at home. Lizzy
11 years ago
OT Lyn needs us
Karen's friend and fellow quilter, Lyn, is having her hip replacement surgery today. Lyn gave me permission to ask for prayers, happy thoughts, etc. for a successful surgery and speedy recovery....
11 years ago 7
Fabric Search
I have been searching for a particular fabric and I'm not even sure it has ever been made. I'm looking for fabric with wolverines on it. I've found all kinds with a wolf on it but not a wolverine,...
11 years ago 1
OT - Microsoft Office 2007
Anybody using this? We got new computers at school, and we now have Office 2007. I've been using Office 2003 since the last school district upgrade. We can use a school district license to install...
11 years ago 14
Cute bags for Christmas gifts
Hi All, My dear foster sister taught me how to make little cute bags and I wanted to share my efforts with you talented people. made one for a special friend and she ordered 5 more. My first ever...
11 years ago 9
Great Deal on Solids
In one of those "whack upside the head" moments, I realized that I hadn't been to the Sr. Center Thrift Store in several months. The little thrift store has one wall devoted to yarn and fabric. I've...
11 years ago 4
Quilt Puzzles
Mis Ragmop, tis your fault ya know, and I thank ye fer it. Have the puzzles (4 framed and hung, 1 done but not framed, 1 awaiting SIL's arrival in Jan) hung on the 'pot shelf' wall in the entryway...
11 years ago 2
27 Years, 4 months, and 5 days
The Star Quilt Afghan is finished and as soon as possible I will post pics. Took both fellas and the neighbor to hold it up and it STILL lapped a bit on their shoes. Weighs in at over 12 lbs!...
11 years ago 4
Bags is HOT! (w/ pix)
store sample. I'm guessing I'll be doing another one, perhaps in batiks. joan, who is experiencing an absolutely marvelous day in eastern Nebraska! Joan, I saw some of your bags and quilts a couple of...
11 years ago 6
Fiber Art Blog
Hello group, Our Fiber Arts & Animals Festival website has started a blog ( ) to talk about our thoughts and concerns setting up our festival in Marshall, Michigan and to share the story behind the...
11 years ago
OT: Dillard's Rant
My RANT mode is in high gear!!!! I am TOTALLY ticked off at Dillard's, and (IMNSHO), for good reason! My DSis works for Dullard's and she has *some* stories to tell. It seems that the guy who manages...
11 years ago 23
Mystery Quilt Part 4
are 4 pages to print out for Part 4 of the NPQG Mystery Quilt::: one is the instruction page and three have the the templates & patterns. Mickie Thanks Micki. I am saving this as I do plan to do it....
11 years ago 2