Does anyone have the SLICE?

I just saw it on QVC and it looks pretty simple to use? Although, I do have
a Cricut Expressions this looks much smaller and portable for desk top work
in a jiffy.
What do you all think?
Dorothy in NY
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I looked, but felt that for me it would be just one more tool for me to maneuver around on my work space. I figure the Expression is enough for me. It does look kind of neat to use though. Sandy
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It is very handy and very portable. Plus, the battery is rechargeable so if you take it to a crop, you do not have to sit next to an outlet. But, I have had trouble getting it to cut through very heavy cardstock.... and the size of your cut out is limited to 4.5 inches. But, all in all.... I really like it.
Helen from NY
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Helen from NY

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