finally home again...

I know... i was only gone 3 days but it felt like a week or two...
went to see parents since we didn't get to go for christmas... add one
very hard bed, 8 cats that like to attack you when you sleep and a
house that needs at least half of the stuff removed and you have a
visit at my parents.. OY!
Cool thing... got LOTS of scrapping goodies... 4 K&co albums (told my
mom about the 9.99 deal at big lots) embellishments... AND
Got my mom to do her first page! Now she is emailing me.. "do you
think it would go if I did...." LOLOL I even took pics of her
journaling her first page.. LOL
It was a good visit but I missed my "kids" they all proceeded to lick
me and act cutesy when I came in! LOL
Hope you all had a good new years!!!!
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