Home again.

Turns out I have severe bronchitis, not just a cold. However, as the
hospital is so crowded, and I have had all the ultrasounds, x-rays,
round the clock breathing treatments etc., plus my new nebulizer arrived
today, plus I have a retired husband to help out, the doctor released me
with a handful of prescriptions and very strict instructions.
I have to behave myself, stay in bed (which is where I am going right
after dinner which is being put on the table right now) and just follow
orders. It won't hurt, as I have not the strength to pick up a needle.
In fact, I can barely concentrate on a very lightweight mystery story.
Olwyn Mary in New Orleans.
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Olwyn Mary
I'm so glad your home. Take care of yourself and pamper yourself. It's time to be the Queen of the household and let DH do for you. He'll feel great for being able to and you'll heal much faster. Hugs, Juno
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Bronchitis can be very serious in someone with breathing problems, so your doctor and the ER get points for intervening. We're fond of you, you know, and not wanting to be missing you.
Have happy dreams and sleep well, rest up, and when you've licked this, you'll be better than ever.
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Boy, you get waited on hand and foot. Enjoy it, even though you had to get sick to get it. The next time I'm sick at home I'm going to a hotel. My DH doesn't seem to realize my being home sick is not to wait on *him* hand and foot.
Get well soon, AK in PA
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If I have the unmitigated nerve to get ill & bedbound, the other half becomes an absolute "itch".
He does cute things like rummage around in the kitchen, and use every pot and pan he can find to make a single dish (leaving the mounds of dirty dishes for me to clean up). He also does other things in other rooms of a similar nature (you get the idea)...
When I get sick, I want to send him to hospital so I can get some rest!
Please, do not mess about with bronchitis.. It can be quite deadly for those of us with compromised respriatory tracts.
On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 20:06:39 -0400, "AK&DStrohl" wrote:
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On 6/13/07 6:59 PM, in article 46706a8f$0$10194$ snipped-for-privacy@free.teranews.com,
Good, now go to bed... C
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Cheryl Isaak
Olwyn Mary,
You will be in our prayers. Keep in touch.
Gail has been sick and is being transfered from Rockford, Il to Northwester University Hospital in Chicago. She is getting weaker and not feeling very good.
Many prayers, Dennis & Gail
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Spike Driver
Oh, you poor dear! You take things easy, turn on the TV and relax. On second thought, rent some movies and relax. What is on TV these days is far froml relaxing. Feel better soon.
Higs, Katherine
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oh gosh i am so happy you are better i was reading your post awhile ago..so happy you are getting better have a great evening:)
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Glad to hear that you're back home. Please, please do what the doctor tells you. Bronchitis is not a trivial complain!
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Oh dear! One of those... Mine's a treasure: cleans up after he's cooked, and will tidy up and drag the Dyson round if asked. Cleans the bathroom better than *I* do, if requested... Doesn't do things *my* way, but if I'm sick, so long as it gets done, I don't care!
Last time I was in hospital, I came home for a rest!
No, don't... Last time Big Sis ignored bronchitis she ended up with pneumonia! She's athsmatic. Mind you, she learned her lesson! Hasn't ignored something like that for 20 years now...
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Glad you're home Olwyn Mary. This bedrest time could be a good time for perusing knitting books and the like, picking out projects for when you're up to it. But, you're right. Not yet time for knitting.
Hugs and healing thoughts, Murielle
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I'm happy you're home with all medicines to help you recover properly. Having you home will certainly make DH happy enough to give you plenty of TLC, so you can rest, relax and recover. Bronchitis is dangerous, especially for us who have respiratory ailments. BTDT a few years ago. Emily
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Dear Olwyn Mary,
I empathize with you and hope you will feel better soon. I've had a violent cough since March, and my doctor has yet to be able to pinpoint the cause. I'm glad you have been diagnosed, and hope you make a swift recovery.
Who are your favorite authors? Do you keep a list of best sellers? I read about ten books a week, and I'm out of space; would like to pass on some of them. Let me know.
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I'm glad to hear you are back home! Take care -- you never know what can happen this summer and you don't want to have to bug out of town while you are sick! On a different note -- I think next year will be our return for Mardi Gras. It will likely be the last time we can go before DH retires and we move back to Lizard Land. Hope to see you when we are finally there!! CiaoMeow >^;;^<
PAX, Tia Mary >^;;^< (RCTQ Queen of Kitties) Angels can't show their wings on earth but nothing was ever said about their whiskers! Visit my Photo albums at
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Tia Mary
Oh I am soooo glad you are home! I know you will rest so much better now. Resting is just Not something that can happen in the hospital. With all the prayers and good thoughts coming your way from the group added onto the wonderful care I know your sweetie will give you, you will be up and around PDQ. :)
Try to enjoy your rest. I know you would much rather be up and doing, but look at this as a small vacation from the routine. Tell your husband I think he should paint your toenails, give you a foot rub, and maybe he could manage a mini-facial or deep condition your hair....that way you can think of this as a trip to a nice spa instead of being sick in bed. ;)
Hope you feel much better very soon.
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