Home again, thankfully

Hi all,
I hope everyone had a great weekend, with lots of celebrating. As I've
been digging through all the messages I notice birthdays and
anniversaries as well as the 2 big N. American celebrations.
Congratulations all.
We went camping for the weekend and to a family picnic to celebrate 100
years of our family in the province. It was interesting to meet family
members from across Canada and to hear some of the old stories. We
camped one night at a campground that we really didn't like and one
night on the yard at the original home site of my great-great-great
grandparents. The original house is still standing and was open so that
we could "tour" inside. The home section is maintained for use by the
family. If we lived closer (it's 6hrs away) we would use it for picnics
and weekend camping trips at times. There has never been power run to
the yard and there are no distractions, as we went to sleep we heard the
breeze in the trees. WE were glad it was a breeze in the trees and not
the wind that we experienced earlier. late afternoon, early evening we
had a major storm system go through the area. It was amazing to watch
the power of nature through I think we would all have been more
comfortable with more than just a tent between us and that power. As we
all emerged from our tents we found that there were trees down across
the road and one birdhouse blew off its base. Then reports started
surfacing of damage in the area. A number of tornados touched down in
the area. The day before we sat in our cars as hail pounded down and
heavy rain that turned the campsite parking lot into a mini lake. It
was too dark to get pics. For the wind on the 2nd day the camera was in
the car or we may have tried to take pics of the clouds. Even with the
weather we took lots of pics and did lots of visiting and had a great
time. (I think we took about 150 pics, now if only I can remember who
everybody is).
Glad to be back.
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Sounds like you had a great time. I would have been terrified during the storm. I still don't do well with wind. Lightening and thunder don't bother me, but the wind is another story. My family has lived in the same community for 10 generations now (counting my kids). Whenever any relatives get the urge to discover their roots they come "home" to me. I think it is so neat to be able to travel to an ancesterial homeplace like that. My DH's family has a reunion planned down in Russell Springs, KY this summer. They come from all over the United States. We hope to make it this year if all goes well. Sandy
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Welcome home Lorilee! Sounds like it was a fun and eventful weekend, even if the weather was kind of ugly. Now you have all those pics to scrap!
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Deb in AR
It was a great time, and I plan to journal a bunch. I tried to a bit while there but it was too dark when there was a lull in the activity.
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I'll be scrapping for a while on these. The most unfortunate of the weather was that it was the first time my brother and his family went camping. Their tent got soaked in the wind storm 'cause the wind blew the rain under the rain flap. As children we went camping and he was hoping to show his kids how much fun it could be. I think we suceeded in that in spite of the weather but his wife is less sure about it.
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My mom doesn't do well with lightening and thunder so she didn't like Friday's storm. One lightening strike was close enough that there was no delay before the thunder. I apparently have been to a reunion for this family before (i saw pics of it) but I was little and don't remember. The family resemblance between the men in the family is amazing. They have the same posture and mannerisms and humor even though they didn't grow up together. My brother who has not been to one of these before was told, "you are definitely a Harrison" by one of the great aunts. They also had a pic of the homeplace in England where the family lived before they immigrated. The weekend made me even more interested in learning about my family history, and putting some of our old photos into an album so that they don't get dammaged in a box.
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Welcome back Lorilee. Sorry to hear the weather turned on you while you were having a family visit.
Teresa in MD
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