Home again, home again

We're home!!!!!!!!
Got in in time for a home cooked dinner last night.
OOHHHHH my, real genuine mashed taters (Does it have garlic in them?)
chicken, corn on the cob (That hadn't set in water for ----), and LETTUCE!
REAL CLEAN FRESH Lettuce! We're thinking that is what made me so sick the
last trip-warm room temp lettuce on a sandwich : (
WE did the Western States this go-round.
did have a ARE YOU HOME type of meet-up with our own Taria! We couldn't get
hold of her--NO service on phone or laptop in most of MT, ID, Northern NV
(No, we didn't go near Reno--but I did think of you, Kay)We really should
have as the way we did go had 60 miles of fresh tar/chip highway..ended up
with 2 windshield chips : ( that's what we get for going on roads we hadn't
ne'er traveled before)
BUT when we got to Apple Valley area of CA, we sent her an email--traded #
and she called us--came to see us whilst we had dinner--what a TREAT!!!!!!!!
BESTEST DESSERT we had the whole trip WHAT FUN---just like meeting a friend
that you hadn't seen in years--we just took up where we left off.
She is such a sweetie! I think I bent her ear on my worries about Firefly .
We didn't get to the Ocean this go round--but that's ok, too. We hope to
have one more trip this year--probably back to MI area as Firefly is pretty
bad and so is my Godfather (the one I asked Ginger to ask you'all if anyone
has SALMON (fish) fabric--bout 6 1/2 " square would be good. I hope to get a
lapsize quilt done for him this winter of different fish--he LOVED salmon
and trout fishing and use to make his own flies. I do have fly-tying type of
Nuff on my worries
Butterfly (Next shall be my shopping expeditions)
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YEAH! Glad to see you are home now, and safely. Windshield chips may be part of the "experience".
Ginger in CA
On Aug 1, 8:23=A0am, "Butterflywings" wrote:
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Ginger in CA
Glad another trip was successful. If you get back this way in Sept., we really need to get together. Our anniversary is Sept. 18th!!!!!!!!!!!! We should celebrate together. We'll have 43 yrs. Gen
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Listen, you world-traveling woman -- some trip you've got to get up to the gorgeous Northwest! If you stick to the East side of the Cascades, we've got sunshine, rivers, lots of green and ME!!! You can ask Ginger, it's really good up here. We've eve got our own Bavarian village. For real. And boy do they like tourist types there.
Glad to hear you're home. Sending you good wishes and prayers for Firefly and your godfather.
Hugs, Sunny
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Great to see you back, Butterfly. Now you've caught the travelling bug - and worked out how best to do it all - there'll be no stopping you.
Have a good rest first, though! . In message , Butterflywings writes
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B'fly, when you have time, I wish you'd climb into the recent discussion on lighting a quilting room. Since you've recently done one, please tell us what you did and how it goes. (and welcome home.) Polly
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Polly Esther
It was my pleasure to meet you guys B'fly. Next time your phone will work and maybe you'll have time to come by the house. Hugs, Taria
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