Hellllp!!! Need adoption ideas!

DS asked me to make his teacher (3rd grade) a clipboard for Christmas. I
usually do those for the end of year gift, but he changed it. I was then
asking myself "Now what will I do for the end of year gift??" But that's
been solved as of yesterday.
His teacher & her hubby adopted a baby over Christmas break. I would love
to make her a 6 x 6 (maybe 8 x 8, something smallish that she can keep in
the classroom to share with her students) scrapbook about the joyous
occasion. But I need ideas for some page topics. I know very little
details right now, and because this is such a public forum, in order to
protect the teacher's privacy I don't want to share too much. But what I
will share that it's a baby girl.
It's been a year or more, but at one point in time, I was seeing adoption
themed paper, stickers, etc, in the LSS here. Hoping I can find some now!!
They'll get out of school the beginning of June, so I thankfully have some
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Deb in AR
I like that idea, Lynne. So far I have:
A-adoption B-bath time, blanket, or bassinet C-coo, or crib??? (not sure I really like either one) D-Daddy E-eating F-Family G-grandparents H-hands I-irresistable?? (another one I'm not sure about) J- K- L-laugh, or love M-Mommy N-napping O- P-pacifier, Princess (add the baby's name), or playing Q-quiet time R-reading S-special time, special people, or special things (to my knowledge, this is their first child) T-tiny toes U- V-very special baby (another one I'm not sure I really like) W- X-(I refuse to use "Xmas") Y- Z-
Anyone have any ideas to add? Since they got her Christmas Day, I'm going to try to use Christmas colors.
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Deb in AR
Cousins, Cuddle time
I love you, itty bitty
Jammies, Jack O Lantern
One Year Old
Rub a dub dub
1st tooth
Ultrasound, Unbelievable, Unique
Visitors, 1st Vacation, vacination
1st words
What I use for this page is eXpensive and I use money paper and a fun little write up with acturate facts about how much it costs to raise a child.
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> Y- "You Light Up My Life", Yuck (foods baby doesn't like) those photos are so funny.
I leave this page for the zodiac sign. Not that I really believe in it, but I find it fun and colorful. Could use Zzzzzzzz for those sleeping photos
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