What is going on SB buddies?

Wondering how many would like to start the group back up on the newsgroup
again. I do find it very hard to follow on FB what everyone is doing SB
Dorothy in NY
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Dorothy in NY
I'm working on my trip to Hawaii last January. The album is in the final stages, but somehow that takes just as long as the preliminary stages. :-) I'm feeling a desire to go to Michael's to look for a corner-rounder punch. I thought I had one, but it turned out to be for making a mount (cuts slits for the photo corner as well as the edge shape). Not what I had in mind. :-)
Gina in Virginia
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Gina Bull
Hi, Dorothy!
We just got back yesterday from our 5 week trip to India--I have/had a lot of plans for all the pictures we took of all our sightseeing trips, etc. BUT :*( I am beyond devestated that our camera with ALL my memory disks was accidentally left on a shuttle bus when we took a connecting flight from Mumbai (Bombay) to my DH's home town. :*(
The airlines said they can't find our camera bag, so I'm hoping and praying that some kind person found it and turned it in to the airport lost and found and that we'll be able to get everything back intact! The digital camera is several years old and not worth much except to me, of course the disks and all the pics/videos are priceless to me! So say a prayer that the airport does have it! I've had so many LOs in my head for so many pictures, I've been crying my head off for forgetting to check that we had everything but it was so crazy and everyone was rushing around and we just got caught up in circumstances beyond our control. :*(
Anyway, good to see you here. I don't mind checking in because FB does get to 'cluttered' (like my hobby room) to figure out what everyone is working on most of the time!
Carolyne in TX
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