Your favorite embellishments

Hello everyone,
I am just putting the finishing touches on my book. And I have a
section on embellishments. I have a very long list of them and
details on how to use them...
But what I would like to do is put more excitement into this part of
the book. I am after all only one person and a little biased to what
I like. So if you would be interested in helping me out here (for a
free copy of my book when it is done) - is tell me :
What your favorite embellishments are and how you use them?
Warmest regards...Cijaye.
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Eyelets and brads. They are easy to emplace, are not bulky and can be used to highlight things, add to things, etc.
Good question as there are so manyout there, not to mention techniques.
OKC Dave
Check out my pix and crafts!
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OKC Dave
I love using ribbons and buttons and metal embellishments. I use buttons for flower centers and ribbon as a border or on a tag, lots of different ways.
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At this moment. I see to really like my stapler or fastenator along with ribbon. I use a small piece of ribbon and fold it and put a staple at the bottom. Then I just attach it with a glue dot. I also love to put staples sometimes on the corners of my pictures. Or if I have a brochure or something to attach I just use staples on the corners as well to help attach it to the page since it's so heavy and tape doesn't help hold it down.
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Right now I'm into flowers and rub-ons. The large flowers are a great way to cover up someting on yuor p.paper that you don't like for example I found this awesome paper for a lo of my youngest daughter. It had sayings like here comes trouble and don't let the cute face fool you which is just perfect for her. But the paper had a large skull with a pink ponytail at the bottom. I did not like the skull at all so I just put her picture on it and attached a large pink flower over the skull with a brad. It looks great! Rub-ons look great when they over lap a picture or add a frame around a pic. HTH! Barb:o)
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I would say my favorite embellishment is fibers or ribbons. Fibers/ Ribbons are so versatile and make your LO "pop"! Fibers/ribbons are in almost every craft box so I find it is an embellishment that I never run out of or have to hunt for something special. * I've used thread to embroidery a star-burst onto a 1" square. * I've used a hole-puncher to weave ribbon for a quick boarder (with and without eyelets). * A simple bow is always easy * Used as a contrasting strip of color/texture across the page * With the exception of a bow, fibers/ribbon typically add little extra bulk to your LO.
My second favorite would have to be brads because unlike eyelets, brads don't require a special tool. There are so many creative brads out now that they are fun to use.
The list goes on and on!!! :-) -- Amy L.
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Amy in Springboro
Brads, Stickers, Ribbon, Clip Art, Quotations, did I mention Stickers.
I use brads to attach different accessories to a page or card, especially vellum.
I'm a sticker junkie. I love the ease in which they help me decorate a page. I have 4 4" binders filled with stickers especially themed stickers and alphabet letters. Flat stickers, dimensional stickers, realistic stickers, anything themed (christmas, halloween, birthday, milestones, etc.)
I use ribbon to add some texture to a card.
I love clip art especially vintage clip art as found at Dover. I also use the internet to find quotations to put instead of journalling.
HTH Kate
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I love brads...they brighten up a page and if you want to add pizazz just rub them on versa mark add some glitter embossing powder , heat and add that bit of sparkle! They are also nice if you want a movable page embellishment! Chip board is also a favorite of mine you can do so much with it...create mosaic tiles by applying ink from your stamp pad , you can also apply a sticker if you wish and then apply crystal lacquer and it looks really pretty like a tile.
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I love chipboard, too. I just did a LO using chipboard. I cut chipboard flowers with my sizzix, painted them with bright colored paint and applied two layers of utee. Turned out beautiful. My firend has the LO in her shop right now, but I will post it when I get it back. I also did a title circle and photo corners on the LO with chipboard that I covered with coordinating cardstock and paper. Sandy
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