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Specials on all glue products.
Hi, this is Vando Garcia with Please go to to order our Gluetacks product. They are perfect for all scrapbookng applications. Thank you for your time!
12 years ago
Photo books -- printer/binder/etc
HI. I've seen those books that you create the artwork and send it to the company and in a few weeks a book comes with your pages in a nice archival gift. Anyone know of a reputable company that you've...
12 years ago 3
Traditional layout uploaded (3/31/08)
I was inspired by an eMail my sister sent me so I just scrapped it and the Dennis the Menance comic helped: What a cute layout. I love the journaling and that is the perfect comic strip to use. That's...
12 years ago 12
120 Hours to go!
120 hours to go until I get to go to the CKC Convention in St. Louis!!!!!! I hope they have some new stuff and new ideas. I can't take any classes this year due to time constraints. For those of you...
12 years ago 4
One more day to complete your March CCC
Over half the group is done anyone else care to join us? Cathy R.- January, February, March Crystal - January, February, March Jessica - January, February Kajikit - February, March Kenda - February...
12 years ago 1
I'm excited the scrapbook store I go to has 2 scrapbook retreats a year from Friday 6-12 and Saturday ioam till midnight! Registration was yesterday and I got in! My bestest scrapping buddy is coming...
12 years ago 15
Finally Loaded some LO's
I finally got a chance to upload some of the LO's I did at the last two crops I went to. I'm working on DS's Cub Scout album so they are all of the Cub Scout LO's in my 2008 layouts album in webshots....
12 years ago 13
Re: My blog
Great blog - I added it to my list on mine. :) I am finding it fun to have one. Splitcoast has a thread too, where you can go to read others, and be sure people come and read and comment on yours -...
12 years ago
Re: Daffodils for spring
Very nice! I commented your blog. Chrissy Thanks for leaving a comment. It gets kinda lonely over there :)
12 years ago 1
altered composition books
Has anyone done one of these? I've looked up some tutorials and there are some that use Modge Podge to glue the paper to the covers and there are some that use the red tape to stick the paper down....
12 years ago 6
Haven't written in a while ....
Okay, since Stoney, my 24 year old cat died at the start of the month, I've fallen into a complete funk. Even our trip to Florida to see the Cardinals in spring training didn't help, and after much...
12 years ago 9
I went to a card-making bee...
Our church is having 'volunteer weekend' this week... so today I volunteered for the card-making bee. There were seven of us there, and supplies were limited to rubber stamps, ink pads, crayola...
12 years ago 8
March CCC uploaded
Here are the cards I made for the challenge this month... Firstly I made some nice pink 'springlike' cards... (I didn't make the serendipity sheet - it was a scrap I'd had sitting around for AGES)...
12 years ago 6
Reminder CCC weekend
Great weekend to get your cards done and be one month closer to having enough fabulous cards to send out to all your friends and family this December. Lynne
12 years ago
Software help
After much frustration with Scrapbook Factory 2.0 yesterday, I'm ready to find something that will do what I want to do. Maybe it's just the version of Scrapbook Factory that I'm using, though. What I...
12 years ago 2