950 Back in Action

I finally managed to get time to take the 950 to my service man on
Tuesday. Very luckily for me he had a quiet morning and was able to put
it right while I was in Town . I have a two hour round trip to go to
his shop. It was the timing as suspected, which is now fixed and he
gave her a general clean up and oil.
Got to test her out for myself on Tuesday evening but I forgot to apply
what the service man had just told me about beginning each piece of
stitching with the eye of the thread take up bar in it's top most
position, he pointed out how the needle can be in the up position
without the thread take up bar/eye in the uppermost position. He
recommended this to avoid the bunching of the bobbin thread that I said
to him I can get occasionally. Of course in my excitement of having her
back I forgot this and promptly jammed the whole machine with looped
bobbin thread...... a good while later I admitted defeat as it was
totally jammed and went to cook the evening meal. One hour later after
eating it released it's hold on the jam and sewed like a dream!!!!!!!!!!!
So yesterday afternoon after my morning market I got stuck into the pile
of dresses I have cut out and waiting. 1st dress got spat on by the
steam iron leaving nasty marks so as soon as I had stitched it I loaded
the washing machine and popped it in with a mixed load. Started No2
dress and found that the 950 had deposited a nice patch of sewing
machine oil on the reverse side!!!! I thought I had wiped her down very
well but she was saving that drop just for me, so I hand washed the
lining after attacking the patch with swafega . Put on line to dry
started dress No3 hooray no spitting iron , no more drops of oil. It
took all afternoon but I finally made a dress. This morning it should go
faster as the lining is dry for No2 dress, so I have that dress half
made and No1 dress is dry now just needs a press and some press studs. I
might see the bottom of the box by the end of Friday if nothing else
Hoping for a less adventurous day.
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Claire in France
Have you noticed that these supposedly inanimate objects break down only when we have a deadline?
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Le 05/09/2013 16:05, Bobbie Sews More a écrit :
He's a terrific guy and real find here where everyone is welded to their Singers.You would think a Bernina was an alien race! I can put up with a 2 hour round trip because he's a good skilled artisan, I hope he doesn't retire any-time soon, no body seems to take on these types of bushinesses any more.
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Claire in France
"Claire in France" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news:l09k8p$2mg$ snipped-for-privacy@news.datemas.de...
Oh yes, it sucks if your favourite machine is not there. I did miss my Bernina, too, while it was gone for repair, but since it's back it works as good as a new one.
Oh, the blessing of uninterrupted work... I tried to hang up a basket of laundry today and it took me about 1/2 hour since the DF kept bugging me with all kinds of demands (unjustified!). But then, the poor darling has had a hard day today: First day in school! She got a huge school cone filled with goodies, my DSIL, my brother, and auntie were there, and she had, all in all, a field day. Prancing about over-excitedly, she suffered a regular break-down after midday. But I'm wandering. Great you got something done, and, if I didn't say so before - I really like the dresses you make. Keep on rocking!
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Ursula Schrader
Le 05/09/2013 19:29, Ursula Schrader a écrit : First day in school!
I hope you took the obligatory back to school photo of her Ursula. They are obligatory in our family anyway. It's fun to see the changes, my sister always takes my niece in front of the same door and it's amazing how fast she's gone up the door frame. My mother has all of us every year and now all her grandchildren every year, heaven help us if we forget.
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Claire in France
LOL. I had to laugh even though I know I should be more sympathetic.
We all sometimes have those sorts of days and when they occur, I always wonder why I keep doing whatever hobby it is that has gone pear shaped at that particular time.
Thanks of the chuckle Claire. Good luck with future sewing.
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Old singers or new Singers? I love my ancient Singers but any that have been made in the last 40 years are crappy IMO. If I didn't have my modern Bernina, I'd chhose a Husqvarna (sp?)
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