At last: My serger is here!

Hello all,
I thought you'd like to hear about my quest for a serger, after giving me so
much advice. Last week, I went to the store and had a tryout with several,
and finally ended up buying a Babylock Enspire. Yes Beverly, with air
threading system. But only after the lady at the store showed me how to
thread it with the included threading wire (really no big deal). Yesterday,
I was able to collect it, and directly made my first item with it: A little
cap for DSIL, out of some high-quality jersey I used for a
sweatshirt/long-sleeved Tee for me.
DSIL has loads of woollen hats etc. to keep her now bald head warm but she
wished for something lighter for indoors. I don't know if I told you about
her lymphoma? Well, she was on her way of getting better but still had the
itchies, and then her leg went all puffed up again and they discovered a new
growth and a different type of lymphoma. So she was in for surgery and a new
chemo. And although they told her that this type of cancer answers very well
to chemo treatment, they warned her that the side effects could, and
probably would, be very extreme.
She had been diagnosed shortly before Christmas and has been so far two
times in the hospital with a total breakdown of her immune system, and high
fever to go with it. I've been to see her on Thursday and was shocked how
ill she looked. Still, the hospital folks are certain that 'nothing worse'
than a bad cold is the matter, and so we try to cheer her up as good as we
can. That little cap will go into the hand wash later today, and afterwards
I'll rinse it with disinfectant so that she can't catch anything from it,
and drive out to see her again tomorrow.
But that was just a little test. As soon as I had the machine home, I put on
new cones and threaded the machine from scratch, which was fun. I have in
mind a larger flatlock project. Remember Sharon's Swoats? I liked them but
disliked the seams sticking out that much. The lady in the store introduced
me to a woollen yarn from Madeira which you can use for flatlocking, so I
got two 200 m-bobbins of a colour named Blue Lagoon (a multicolour thread),
and will try my personal swoat project with auntie's old sweaters.
And I plan to make my striped tees from a different pattern, a mix between
boat neck and scoop neck. I'll keep you posted.
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Ursula Schrader
After paying to have the bladder in my air-threaded coverstich machine replaced, I asked the service guy if there was any other way of threading it, as I suspected it wooed blow up again eventually. He sold me the wire threading thing ( I bought my CS machine used, so I probably missed getting some of the original accessories). Just be sure you find a good way of storing it, I have lost mine twice. ;-O
How good of you! I have made caps/turbans for chemo patients too.
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I do believe Sharon's right-side serged seams were a "design element". ;-D
That yarns sounds fun. I have tested flatlocking, but never made anything using that technique. Let us know how it turns out. We will need pics!
Please do! And congratulations on your new machine.
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BEI Design
Hello all,
I thought you'd like to hear about my quest for a serger, after giving me so much advice. Last week, I went to the store and had a tryout with several,
Hope you enjoy using your serger, as I still do mine after many, many years! Barbara in FL
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Bobbie Sews More
Thank you for your congratulations, all, and yes, I'll keep you posted, and will try to put up pics, too. The problems begin with somebody having to take pics of me in my new stuff I made these past months, and continue with Flickr having re-done their pages and somewhat disfigured my account beyond recognition, so I'll have to do it all again... But I will find ways. Didn't I attend a school whose motto was 'scivias', which means 'know the ways'. ;-)
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Ursula Schrader

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