Beautiful Lingerie

There doesn't seem to be any beautiful lingerie in the pattern books
anymore. Does anybody have any leads to finding any.
Thanks - BJ
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I think KwikSew has some patterns for lingerie, and I believe they also have one of their books with patterns included.
Lisa in NJ
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Lisa W.
G'day BJ
I've made quite a lot of lingerie for many years and always use the KwikSew book 'Beautiful Lingerie' by Kerstin Martensson. Check eBay because there have been a couple of these books recently.....mmmmm that was, sorry I don't always check
The book has master patterns as well as lots of photos to give you inspiration.
I've just bought another book and video on 'Making Beautiful Bras' that was mentioned in this group and just about to place an order for all the bits 'n pieces necessary to start bra making.
This book is very comprehensive as is it's mate...'Making Beautiful Swimwear'...I am not affiliated with any of these authors or books, they are just what I've found useful.
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this'll have so much fun making lingerie, I know I do! Bronwyn ;-)
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I know a few people that have had success making the bathing suit tops from the Swimwear book up as bras. But...
This is the place to recommend Curves (WIld Ginger) or the Lingerie pack from Dress Shop -NAYY for either, but I like DS myself. Sometimes the only solution is the completely customized to your shape drafting software.
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I've discovered that many of the simpler dress patterns are very adaptable to night wear, especially the 60's-70's revival styles. Look easy styles with no zips, buttons, closures. Elastic is acceptable. Simple blouse styles are also easy to alter for nightgowns and jammies.
Check out: 'Sewing Beautiful Lingerie', by Karen Morris. (It's on my 'to-buy' list.) Cea
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Thanks for your suggestions. I already have the Kwik Sew book "Beautifil Lingerie". I have used it lots and lots of times with great success, but I was hoping to try some other patterns. I think I will buy the "Sewing Beautiful Lingerie". Once again thank you.
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How about drafting from catalog pictures? If you have the basics of lingerie construction down, could you "wing it?" I've done this a lot with clothing construction. I am on the mailing list for several different catalogs. (I think they breed in the mailbox some days!! lol) So if you got a Victoria's Secret catalog or something like that maybe you could use your basic patterns and adapt them to create something similar to the catalog items. I love playing with patterns that way. And then too I can adapt the garments so they are just the way I want them rather than just the way the designer for the catalog wants them. ;)
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