between other jobs cut shirts

Between translating for my book, and working on my art and doing some
[ needed ] house work , i ironed that crumbled Indian cotton piece
[collor greenish gray] that has machinal embroidery in same color , i
already have a white and pink summer shirt from this , IT IS THE BEST
for hot sweaty days [ much better than sticky Tshirts !!!!] , and when
i bought the pique, i saw this piece of cotton and added it to my
shoping ... thus cut myself a new summer shirt ,,, lucky me !!! , it
will match at least 3 skirts ,,, and doesn`t need too much work taking
care of it ,,,
left over cuts, can be combined into my new fiberart work and some
will go to my colleagues...
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Aha a little bit of Hebrew and Yiddish ,,,, You are a very accomplished woman Cycjec !!!! You just have different interests or activities !!! I slowed a bit down yesterday , and mostly worked on my Fiberart ne piece " i am the blue white sheep' ,, it is woven and now i add applique [figures] and embroider more details ,,, I also did some washing and ironing , but this isn`t serious , Our weather is Hot but sooooo humid that wash stayed wet on line , very annoying !!! mirjam
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