Crippled-up sewing.

I'm not exactly crippled -- I went on a seventeen-mile bike ride
yesterday, and found it disappointingly short -- but I do need to
ration my standing-still time.
I pressed creases into three binding strips with the ironing board
lowered to sitting height, and because I was in a secretary's chair, I
could scoot back and forth at least as easily as if I'd been standing.
It's also convenient to scoot back and forth between the Necchi and
the computer. But I have to stand up and drag the chair to the
treadle machine in the other room; tiny castors won't ride over carpet
edges. (And the route is a little convoluted.)
Perhaps the same trade names aren't used in your stores: In mine, an
office chair with arms is an "executive chair", one without is a
"secretary's chair". My secretary's chair is my spouse's old
executive chair, after he wore out the arms.
(I've replaced it twice. The first replacement fell apart before we'd
gotten around to getting rid of the old one, and the second
replacement couldn't be adjusted low enough; I gave it to my taller
It is much easier to work in an armless chair, but some of us need the
armrests to help us stand up. I can still do without arms nicely if I
get my center of gravity over my feet before trying to rise. If I've
been sitting long enough to stiffen, I may need to push on my knees.
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Joy Beeson
I remember a hundred years ago when I could ride my then bike for 10 miles or more and not be winded.
I use a 'secretary' chair when I sew; quite convenient!
An armless chair is nice for hand sewing, too. Hate banging elbows when drawing a needle with long thread and banging elbows.
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