is it necessary to prewash ribbon if sewing it on to a washable garment?

I'm making towel wraps for grad gifts this year and am wondering if it's
necessary to prewash
my ribbon before applying to the towels. The towels have all been preached.
I'm thinking that
the ribbon could shrink up and make the whole front of the towel hang funny??
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I've forgotten whether it was a book or movie or what: An elderly cat was passing on the rules of felinity to a kitten, and said that the most-important rule was "When in doubt, wash."
If the ribbon shrinks and what it's applied to doesn't, you will get puckers. But it could look deliberate, as if you'd eased the towel onto the ribbon to improve the fit.
Since ribbon is usually bright in color, it might be wise to check whether it bleeds or fades.
If there is so much ribbon that washing it would be a royal pain, you could wash a carefully-measured sample.
The last time I washed a sample, I basted marks one yard apart around all edges, to make a removable mark that would stand up to washing.
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