kids sewing

i am so pleased that so many have replied to this topic!! what a blast
this is to find other women who still love the fine art of sewing and
creating!!I i agree about that fact that we should let them use the
real thing and not a child has never hurt herself on the
machine and she has more self confiendince now that her projcets last
and are useable..she has created outfits for her picachu and her
neopets all stuffed animals she even made our cat a pair of pants !!
now will the kitty wear them is the bigger question...for a moment she
will hehe.i grew up with my momma making handmade raggedy ann dolls
and barbie outfits so i allways wanted to create thats all i
do i love to make my own clothes because then you have a one of kind
item and its great when someone says oh my gosh you made that!!
faboulous..have great day everyone
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