My christmas present! A Dress Form! (but with measurement issues)

DH got me a dress form for christmas! I have been dreaming of owning
one for years! I even get to have it early and not wait until
I set it up today, and got it at the perfect height and measured
myself and adjusted it about a million times until it was
perfect....but I put a fancy satin dress of mine on it and I could
barely squeeze it on!*$*@*#&%$
I don't know what is happening here. It should be almost perfect
(pending adding a bra & stuffing that). Does anyone know why this
would happen? I know I am a little squeezable in real life...but
honestly not that much! The issue seems to be the stomach area, and
that is where I have most of my squishiness from having three kids.
Should I dial that part down a bit and add some loose fluff? To put
it into perspective I have a size "A" diana dress form:
formatting link
own measurements are:bust 35.5", (natural) waist 29", hips 39", height 5'3.
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Michelle Giordano
Well, I know that it is flat out impossible to get some of my more fitted garments onto my dress form, which matches my actual measurements. When I don said garments I may drop one shoulder, then the other, twist my hips and generally shimmy into the item. The dress form can't cooperate.
I had high hopes for being able to do detailed fitting on my dress form, but have wound up using it mainly for hemming, and as a Haloween decoration.
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There are several factors to take into account:
You can wriggle: it can't. It has matte fabric covering it: you have slippery skin! It will never be EXACTLY your shape.
A dress form is an excellent aid to fitting, but can never replace a proper fitting on a real body. You will know, however, that anything you put on the dress form will not be too small in real life.
I find mine excellent for such things as hems, sorting out collar details, design alteration (draping exercises, if you like), and for making sure that things are correctly placed on the garment. For an initial 'guess fit' I make the dummy to the exact client measurements, but thereafter, for ease of use, I tend to dial it down an inch or two so I can get garments on and off more easily.
Of some clients I do dial up a size or two down and pad up so that their shape is more correctly imitated.
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I got a dress form two months ago, i LOVE it have been dreaming of having one for years!
However I did NOT set it up for my exact measurements - I set it up one size smaller and 'padded it up' to my measurements and then put a bra on it and padded it up to my bust. Everything was set in place with pins.
Then I used some stretchy fabric to make a cover to fit snugly over the padding.
This gives some, well, 'give' when fitting, mimics the softeness of the body, gives the pins something to hold onto, etc.
My sister suggested this, she was costume mistress for a theatre company for several years. She has some pretty good ideas :)
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- I set it =A0up
I second this!!! Plus mine was a yardsale bargain (practically for free) and doesn't dial up to "mega-bust of death" size anyway! I make Art Quilts and always have plenty of batting scraps so I had no problem padding up and now I find my dressform absolutely invaluable as a design tool! Much easier to drape and fit said bust and I only need to tweak the fit at the end when I try the garment on me. :-)
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On Dec 2, 11:37 pm, Michelle Giordano wrote:
Lovely present!! My husband bought mine for me when we were living overseas...I picked the box up and had no clue what it was, go figure! worked well for a while, though snug clothing was, as you have learned, a bit tricky. Now that it (and I) have aged another 11 years (not to mention the 2 children I've had), even at the highest measurements, it isn't the right size.
The best thing to do is to get close, then do what was already mentioned - pad it out to YOUR measurements, taking your specific body quirks into account. At one point, I think I had pictures up of where I had done this with mine - she has a bra that's padded out as well as briefs that are padded to get the actual rear shape correct, then I put a tank over top of it to hold everything together. It worked well, especially since I was working with MY measurements in addition to a digital picture (or 2) of myself to see where my odd lumps and bumps were. I think I need to take her in for better implants, though since she's now a couple of inches to small.... Or else just ask hubby to buy me a new one.
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On 12/2/08 10:37 PM, in article, "Michelle
Michelle, did you measure both high hip and low hip? I've never had or desired a dress form for myself. But I have realized both measurements are very important, especially women who have had several children. p.s. I have 5 all grown up, the youngest is 50. Emily
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Emily Bengston
Hi Emily,
No I didn't, I will do that! I think the main problem is the stomach area. (which of course could be fixed with exercise...but then again...that would leave no time for sewing LOL)
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Michelle Giordano
On 12/5/08 10:08 PM, in article, "Michelle
Yes, Every time, I visit the doctor, he reminds me of how exercise helps the heart muscles, and is good for me. If I would just ride the exercise bike I have, I would not need the double hip measurement as much as I do. Emily
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Emily Bengston
Emily, trade the excercise bike in for a stationary recumbent bike. One sits in a comfortable reclined position, legs out in front of you. Your body weight is borne on your nice, cushy buttocks rather than your crotch and there is no strain on your back, wrists or neck. The position is ideal for watching TV or reading while you exercise
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On 12/7/08 10:32 PM, in article ds1%k.15109$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfe01.iad,
Kathleen, Thanks for the idea of another type of bike, which I tried once and didn't care for. The one I have is doctor recommended; it is the same as one he has in his office for the staff to use when on a break or feel they need to "loosen" up a bit, especially the office personnel.
It has handlebars, which eases tension in the neck, shoulders, etc. I did replace the seat with a different, more comfortable one. It keeps track of my blood pressure & heart rhythm, as well. Emily
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Emily Bengston

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