oh gawd

Just went and picked up my Elvis fabric for another dance/band
Looks like Andy Warhol got ahold of some Elvis pics. Monochrome
blocks of alternating primary colors, overlayed with a black and white
photo, set on a black background.
Contrasting fabric to be black and white zebra stripes. Either use
the zebra for the yoke (maybe western style), collar, or button strip,
or some combination. Don't think I'll do the short sleeves with the
zebra, though I might consider some primary color cloth for each
I almost went with Guernsey cow black and white pattern for the
contrast, to get that whole farm thing going, but decided against.
Trying to find some appropriately colored pearl snaps.
I'll do a short sleeve. Its for dancing after all.
tacky tacky.
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Dear Dwight,
Try The Snap Place. It has snaps from the smallest to the largest, and its service is good. I just received an order for tiny snaps for my dolls, but it has just about any style you want--I'm sure you'll find your "pearls."
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On Mar 8, 2:43 pm, Kate XXXXXX wrote:
Isn't there some yahoo group where I can post shots?
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On Mar 8, 2:43 pm, Kate XXXXXX wrote:
formatting link
Click on Kate's Pages and explore!- Hide quoted text ->> - Show quoted text - I wonder if I can find an embroidered donut for the back?
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I used to keep that running for us. Got to the point that there are so many places folks can post pictures, we don't really need it any more. Photo Bucket is a good one. Easy to create a membership and easy to upload, also it's free. ;) The other cool thing they do is give you several forms for the URL where your pictures are stored. They make it very easy to store pictures there for posting to newsgroups, email, etc. NAYY. But it is super easy. ;)
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In a similar situation, I once started a Yahoo group devoted to myself and put the pictures in the "files" area. Nowadays I'd use a free Live Journal account, because visitors wouldn't have to sign in to see the pictures.
Joy Beeson
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Joy Beeson

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