OT: I am back home no2

It's always good to get home and sleep in my own bed after 11-nights in
hotel rooms.
DS and I left Wednesday, driving to Orlando to attend my eldest DGD's
wedding. Needless to say, it was spectacular. Of course, I am prejudiced,
but she was beautiful. DS will put some photos on a website and I'll post
the address on here in the next few days.
Anyone on Facebook and becomes my friend can view many of them.
On the way over, we stopped by Waveland, MS and had lunch with my only
surviving nephew, his wife and one of their daughters, who was anxious to
show us her engagement ring.
Another wedding to attend sometime in the near future.
We went from FL to SC and visited my other DS, his wife and two daughters
for a couple days. The 5-month old is growing by leaps & bounds. We'd seen
her 2-months ago.
We also carried my Pfaff 7560 to a friend who lives near them; she bought
it. I don't need 2 embroidery machines; DS gave me a new Baby Lock in 2005.
Returning home, we drove a scenic route through part of NC & TN, down to AL,
on to MS and spent Saturday with a sister. She is a great cook and had an
excellent lunch prepared for us.
We finally got home yesterday evening, tired and with so much dirty laundry,
so I've been washing clothes all day.
I am glad to be back online after being off for almost 2-weeks. I sincerely
hope everyone has been keeping up with your sewing; I'll be back to my
projects next week. Right now, I am happy to be back here with my friends.
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Emily Bengston
Welcome "home", Emily! Sounds like you had a wonderful vacation trip and saw lots of family. I'm looking forward to pics of your DGD's wedding, but I don't do facebook.
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BEI Design
Welcome back! I sent you a "friend request" on FB -- have you seen the other "emily bengston"? Wow! *cough*
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Glad you are back online. I sure enjoyed you brief visit in SC, and I am reading and learning to use the Pfaff 7560. I am sure it will give me many years of enjoyment. I enjoyed meeting your son. Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More

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