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That thread was posted in February 1999.
Thank you BEI Design! I think that some of the servers used must not print the dates the messages were originally posted. Barbara in SC
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The date did not appear in my newsreader, but if you open alt.sewing in gigglegropes(spit), the entire old thread is displayed.
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!forum/alt.sewing I don't always bother, but I was curious, since OP did not bother to quote ANY of the message to which s/he was replying.
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BEI Design
I have rather a lot of osnaburg, because in our former house I used it to make matching curtains for a picture window, five regular windows, and two doorways.
The unwashed scraps make good squares for my annual embroidery class: because the weave is soft and loose, the children don't have to use thimbles. The fabric that was washed is tighter and not as good, so I don't know what I'll do when I've used up all the scraps, but at the rate that I'm using four-inch squares, I may not live long enough to worry about it.
I made some of the curtains into tablecloths for everyday use, but they got very stained very soon, and then my spouse re-varnished the table and I quit putting cloths on it. A few of the tablecloths got made into dish towels, but a half dozen towels is worlds aplenty and my spouse greatly prefers terrycloth, so the remaining tablecloths are just hanging around.
But yesterday he decided to put his telescope into its case for the winter, and one of those tablecloths appeared in the wash: it had been draped over the telescope to keep dust off.
Perhaps I should cut one down to fit the document scanner.
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