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What is the best way to sell one of these machines? My mother recently passed away and I'm now tasked with going through everything in her house. I learned how to sew on my Mom's Pfaff 130 about 50 years ago! My mother was 91 and hadn't really used the machine much at all over the past 10 years. I'm sure it needs a good tune-up, but none of us want this machine. I'm a quilter and am quite happy with my Brother sewing machine that I've had for 16 years. I live in Texas, but the sewing machine is in Florida.
Any suggestions on the best way to sell it would be most appreciated!
Thanks, D
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You could try listing it on eBay:
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But packing (a very specialized process) and shipping would probably be prohibitive. If I were in this situation, I would find a local-to-the-machine sewing-quilting group (check churches and senior centers) and donate it. Alternatively, Goodwill/Salvation Army/local charity of choice?
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Our popular online "classified" web site is called Kijiji - it's like CraigsList which seems more popular in the USA. It can be advertised under your locality and item classification to target the local buyers. Also - some Thrift Stores will put certain items in their silent auctions - some will issue charitable donation receipts for items over $ 100. value ... Good luck. John T.
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Value is a very subjective thing. It really is not worth more than someone will give you. It is a work horse of a machine and treated well will be serviceable for a long time if you get $100.00 that would probably be a lot.
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