What I am up to at the moment.

Well as we have been quiet here and this morning I am awake at stupid
O'clock I thought I would check in.
At the moment here where I am it's the official year of the cushion. I
seem to be doing nothing but piped box cushions for clients. The pay is
fine but oh dear, so many cushions. I am halfway through a 9 seat
gazebo and also waiting for a delivery of foam to do another clients
garden chairs.
In other news I have ordered some lovely skull and roses fabric to make
my 15 year old niece a quarter circle skirt in August.
Having held onto a lovely length of teal jersey for ages I have now
found a lovely pattern for a dress from a nice bag of sewing stuff
someone randomly gave me. Now I can't find the fabric .It's somewhere
safe I swear!
I still need to fix those Roman blinds they keep skipping down the list.
and I need to make more dresses and shorts and T shirt sets for my stall.
What's everyone else up to?
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Claire in France
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Goodness Claire you make me tired just reading your message! I am busy cleaning the sewing room. I say this every few years, but this year it is getting an extra good cleaning and I've already been working on it for a couple of months and it will take me at least 2 more months. Remember that I am 72 with diabetics and can only work about 20 minutes a few times a day-------that is my excuse. I only work on the room 2 or 3 days a week because there are 5 more rooms to this house. So most of my sewing is simply mending, or hemming pants and that is enough for me. I still watch the sewing programs on TV and think of all the projects that others are sewing. Barbara in SC
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Bobbie Sews More
I'm halfway through revising the pockets on last summer's cycling jersey. Since Weather Underground says that the next non-raining day will be the Saturday after tomorrow, I *might* have it to wear on my next ride. On the other hand, with highs in the eighties, I might not mind getting rained on.
I have rather a lot of the cotton knit I made the jersey from left, but it's so thin that I don't want another jersey out of it. I'm thinking of making three pairs of underpants to match the jersey.
The last few days have been spent getting ready for parties tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. The potato salad I made today is going to picnics on Sunday and Monday.
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Joy Beeson
I got mine cleaned this past week. It wasn't very messy, for once, so it just needed a vacuuming with the bristles turned off and dust mopping.
I clean every week but it's only 2 rooms at a time, the other rooms get their cleaning the next week. Yes, I have the time to do it all at once but I don't feel like doing it all at once and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
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My work space is in a terrible state , feel free to come over when ever you want to give it a talking to. Well done for even tackling yours.
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Claire in France
Despite an threat of imminent thunderstorms this morning I had some good sales on this morning's market, which means I have gaps in my stock.
So I spent this afternoon cutting out 3 pairs of dungarees , 3 small girls aprons and 5 bibs with spoon pockets. I managed to make the bibs before stopping for today.
I have a new market on Thursday night in a brand new area I have always wanted to break into, so I am anxious to have as much choice of stock across the board. Hopefully I will also have time, before Thursday, to make some more bibs with sleeves I noticed I only have 3 left this morning and a few more normal baby bibs just because I have new fabric and I want to use it!
Keep stitching everyone.
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Claire in France

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