When the wind gets at you - Turn it around and make Lemonade!!!!

So I have had a couple of disasters lately.
The edge of my stall got caught in tremendous downpour 2 weeks ago and a
lot of the dresses got really badly soaked. The problem was that 3 of
them badly stained and water damaged because the storm brought down a
lot of dirt from the building that was hanging over me and even after I
washed them one had too bad a stain to be sold. So I laid it down and
re-cut it two sizes smaller so it's now 3-4 years not 5-6.
Then last Sunday I was on a very hot market and wasn't given all the
meter-age I had asked for, hey ho I adjusted the shape of the stall but
had to compromise on table space to get the clothes rails in.
To fit everything in I fixed up a temporary pole in the market umbrella
top to hang the baby rompers on instead of placing them on the table. A
massive gust of wind shook the temporary rail and the whole lot went
down on the ground and the metal pole went down also. When I picked them
up I noticed the top pair had a mark where the round end of the metal
pole had plummeted down on top of the cotton rompers. It had actually
cut the fabric slightly! Horror struck, I then turned them over and the
shock of impact had carried the damage through the layers to the back.
Not content with that I then found that 6 pairs of rompers were affected
to cover the damages. Hearts and stars were used mostly. Two pairs have
hearts back and front. It was either that or cut new front and backs
for the rompers on one side.
When the wind brings you holes you make lemonade I guess.
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Claire in France
It's got to be disheartening to havv this disasters that are out of your control. good thing you are so talented and able to think on your feet . Good Save!
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Good heavens, when it rains it pours as we say in the USA. Sorry you've had such bad luck but glad you were able to salvage your items.
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On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 10:25 AM,

I am so sorry you suffered damage to your merchandise.
Or you could have enlisted your mother's embroidery machine. I once splashed a small bit of bleach on the front of a shirt on which I had embroidered several lighthouse motifs. Rather than toss the shirt, I found a tiny sandcastle design and embroidered it over the bleach spot. Not only a problem solved, but a new "design feature"! ;-D
True in many of life's moments...
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BEI Design

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