Singer 457 belts replaced- clutch not locking

I just got a singer 457 stylist second hand, and knew off the bat it needed to
be timed. I timed it, only to find out the top gear needed to be replaced. So I
looked further, and saw the belts (both of them) were dry and cracking. I
ordered the parts and replaced the gear and both belts, but now I can't get the
clutch to lock. I'm thinking I may have been overzealous while lubricating the
machine, or I put the clutch wheel pieces back incorrectly.
The machine will go, it's a little hard to start. If I give the inner wheel a
slight turn the machine will go and stop again. If I move the inner wheel by
hand it moves with the machine easily, but spinning the outer wheel usually
doesn't move the machine.
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That's a picture of the inner and outer wheel I'm referring to, in case I'm not naming them correctly. Also, the machine ran quickly and without having a hard time starting before I replaced the belts with no needle in (timing issue). It's now timed properly.
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