Tru-fit pattern classes at Hancock

I signed up for this last month and took the class last night.
I knew going in that they would be trying to sell a lot of stuff, but I
went in with a limit as to what I would spend and stuck to it.
All-in-all I really thought the class was instructional and well worth
the $10 I paid for it.
Here is a link for their products.
formatting link

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Chris R
Many of the Hancock's closed here in Houston area, except a couple grubby ones, managed by some people who look about the same. I've stopped going there, unless I am in dire immediate need of something that I know they normally carry, and have almost the correct change because they don't like credit cards. Emily
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E Bengston
Hancock's did not even try to keep up with the other stores and I guess that's why they closed. They did not try to expand their offerings. JoAnn's here is a h-u-g-e store with everything a sewer, crafter, or quilter could ever want. Large selection of sewing machines from $ to $$$$$$. Classes for sewing, quilting, cake decorating, jewelry making, knitting, and many more. Hancock offered none of these classes.
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