update on the pink/purple/orange/lime/blue chaos

Well, I did a knit shirt for DN..striped in various shades of blue.
So the total for DN is 3 pairs of capris, a pair of shorts, a dress,
shrug, 3 shirts. I am thinking about 2 more tops - peasant-style tops
that she can wear with pretty much anything. I also have bought her 3
RTW tops - lime, white, and orange, a cute little orange purse, and 2
bathing suits (because I don't know what size she wears, but mom said
10 or 12). SIL said that she has 4 bathing suits, all bikinis, and
that the "mostly" cover her butt. In our house that is revealing a
bit too much. We aren't puritanical, but we are more modest than SIL
and the family are. Hopefully, she will like it and one will fit
(exactly the same, just different sizes) since they are blue and lime
DD's wardrobe now includes: 2 sundresses, a reversible jacket, purple
"poofy pants", a pair of purple capris and one of pink, 2 sleeveless
swing tops, a pink short-sleeve swing top..um think that's it.
I still have patterns and fabric for more clothing for both girls:
tops for both, skirts for DN, a skort and another dress for DD...I
just have hit a wall because all the chaos going on with regards to
our house...legal issues.
So that is the update. WIth any louck, I will knock out 1 top and 2
skirts for DN before going to bed tonight.
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Okay Larissa, now I feel guilty fo rnot getting more done. It is not that I don't have plans. I just have so much other "junk" that gets in my way. (Did I mention school let out on May 23?). You need to feel proud accomplishing all that with 2 small children and a house to run.
Are you going to post pics?
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The clothes all sound VERY spiffy! :) Sometimes I'd like a lass to sew for...
Fingers are crossed on the legal issue... Hope it gets resolved happily real soon!
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that should take you to the main link for what I've been doing for the girls. There is a folder marked spring/summer SWAP 2007...at least I think that's what I called it. That folder has *everything* that I've been working on for the 2 girls....some patterns have changed, some fabrics have changed, but you can see what I started with and what I have gotten done so far.
No reason to feel guilty. For a while, I was sewing like a demon so that I didn't have to think about the crap with our house, then as it got closer to , well...now, when DH is on the road to get DN, I got in a frenzy. But now we have to step up the house stuff - estimates and such for the work on the house, etc. and I just don't feel like sewing anymore. However, I need to get the fabrics either cut up and sewn, or shoved out of the way so that DN has more room. Not sure how much sewing will actually get done while she's here, but machine will still be set up in the room...supposed to teach both DS and DN the basics of sewing this summer, so we will see if that actually happens.
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On Jun 8, 8:14 am, Kate XXXXXX wrote:
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Click on Kate's Pages and explore!Thanks Kate. I started sewing for girls before I had one...friendshad daughter...Jenn/Jalynne gave me the measurements for her eldestand I made her a dress long distance...for her 1st Communion! and itfit her perfectly...not sure if that one is in my yahool albums ornot, if not I will try to get it there later today. Michelle - DSs karate instructor (married couple teach/own the school...Frank is her husband). has asked me to make a dress for her daughter. Jordan wears RTW 7/8, and I had to explain to Michelle that I still need accurate measurements because of the difference in RTW sizing and pattern sizing. So, MOnday, when we go to karate (heading out on Tuesday for a few days of vacation), I will take my tape measure and get accurate measurements. I told Michelle that I couldn't get to it until week after next (can't really do anything when I'm out of town) and she said that was fine. Since I have muslin on the bolt, I will probably make a muslin of the top - it's a 2pc top and skirt outfit, but not worry about the skirt too much.
No rush on that project, and she's a good friend, so she knows that she can ask and it will be reasonable...she also knows that needing it in 2 days is NOT a good thing to tell me...lol....said she doesn;t need it until later this summer, but wanted to have it made and done with so they didn;t forget it in the summer craziness.
Larisa, off to get the kids through today;s schoolwork and then to grocery store and outside to play
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