vintage baseball uniforms

vintage baseball uniforms
Need someone to make vintage looking baseball uniforms for children's
photography. Boys and girls. Other outfits needed also. Victorian
style, sailor outfit.
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The participants in this newsgroup are from all over the world, it would help a lot to know where in the world *you* are.
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BEI Design
Hi Beverly,
Do you have patterns for the vintage uniforms? I think I could find some. My best friend and I are going to start a custom costume business after the 1st of the up coming year. If you could wait that long I could check with her about sewing them. We can sew almost anything and specialize in detail work. We both have been sewing since we were teenagers. We made halloween costumes this year. I sewed three full dress indian costurmes (two adults and one child's). Phoebe made very detailed priate costumes that could pass for victorian and a child's frog prince costume. I could take pictures and send them to you.
We live in NW Florida. I am a drafter and she is a nurse for the health department, but I just started my business on the side which specializes in hand made jewelry, hand bags and hopefully individually designed clothing. The name of my business is "The Foofy Cat, LLC" a Chick Store. Anyway we are both trying to start this up and eventually quit our day jobs down the road.
We can do everything fromt the jewelry to tthe costumes, but it would have to be after Christmas unforturnatley because we both have so much going on.
If you are interested you can contact me: Constance Wilson
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I got my son a vintage Arsenal shirt or three from here:
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If the order is large enough, and they have a pattern to work from, they might be able to do them at a reasonable price. The shirts I got for my son are seriously good quality.
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Kate Dicey
Where in South GA? Do you have pictures or patterns of what you want? What kind of time frame are you talk for needing these items?
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Siobhan McGrath
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I make the "Dottie Dress" from A League of Their Own" in a size 12/18 month to a girls 16 if you still need these types of outfits. I'm also looking for a pattern to make the coach outfit for boys and hope to have a sample made in the next couple of weeks.
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