Acrylic paper tearing guides

I saw some acrylic paper tearing guides at a scrapbook and rubber stamp show
two years ago. They came in different shapes - square, rectangle, oval
round, etc. the largest being about 4x5 inches or so. The box contained 4-6
(?) clear acrylic (or plastic) shapes that started out large and each went
down about 1/4 inch in size. I made up my mind to buy them the following
year at the same scrapbook show and of course no one was selling them. I
believe they were also at a rubber stamp show I went to later. Does anyone
know anything about these? I have tried to find them on the internet with no
luck. I am so sorry I did not buy at least one box of them when I saw them,
but they were about $7-8 a box and I thought that was a bit steep.
Anyone know what I am talking about? And where I could find them?
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I don't know if I understand what you are talking about. If it's what I think, wouldn't it be easier/less expensive to just by a tearing edge then cut your shape and use the tearing edge for it?
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Sounds like you are talking about the Whispers Layering Templates. Here is a link to the DoCrafts site in the UK...perhaps you can track down a stockist from there :o)
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Marilyn sells templates. Each shape comes in 5 or 6 or 7 different sizes. I believe they are more expensive than you saw. They are thick acrylic. Check out the web site.
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Mary Ann

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