ok i love the way that looks but do you have to have the special markers
to do it? Can you not use any marker or pen to write fancy like
that..always wanted to write like that but i have tried and its not as
easy as i thought..Have any of you tried it???
what do you like about it or not.
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chatty cathy
No plain marker or pen will work nearly as well as one designed for calligraphy. I, for one, have never cared for calligraphy markers, I think it's the translusency (sp?) of the ink... where your strokes cross, it's darker, so it always looks splotchy.
I love the... oh, what's the "S" brand name??? - well that one, I love it. You can get the kit of multiple nibs, cartridges and one or two shells for like $20 before coupon at that horrible "M" store (at least, last time I looked).
The important thing is to practice the individual strokes for a while and get the hang of them, then start putting them together into letters. Get a book from the library and some tracing paper. (Sorry, I don't have a specific book to recommend.)
I don't remember who, but some enrichment teacher back in elementary school had a lesson for us in calligraphy. I was into it for a while, and my handwriting was improved vastly, and for good!
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I think the "S" brand is Schaeffer?
I have a calligraphy set. I was very into it for a while. In high school I was paid to go to some of the sports matches at the end of season to fill out the achievement certificates as students won various events (districts & regionals competitions). I'm out of practice, though.
You can get special paper to practice on. Different alphabets have specific orders of the strokes that make up the letters so that strokes do not cross. The angle and size of nib is also important and will differ depending on which "font" you are writing.
I really need to get the set back out and practice. Part of the reason I purposefully don't buy "sayings" stamps is because I told myself I could calligraphy the sayings instead. Well, I had the best of intentions.... :-)
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