My son is missing (NOT a hoax! This is MY son!)

This isn't from a "friend of a friend". This is MY CHILD! His name is Marc
Medbery. He
disappeared last Thursday (July 28, 2005). He was last seen in Bellevue,
Nebraska about
2:15pm wearing a black t-shirt with a white long sleeve button down
over it and a pair of jeans. He is 6'2" and weighs about 145#s. He
is 17. I am including a link to a photo of him. PLEASE call the police if
you see him!
Bellevue Police
Photo is at:
formatting link
is a link to winkflash. The album password is "missing". Youhave to have an account with them to see the picture. It only takesa minute to get one and there is no cost involved. I didn't know how/where else I could post a photo. I'm sorry for the inconvenience involved with this. If you'd rather not get the account, please e-mail me individually and I can send you a photo by attachment. I didn't think the newsgroup would allow me to post it here.
He withdrew over $500 from his savings account on Thursday so the police
consider him a runaway and will NOT do an amber alert. They say they are not
"actively seeking". He is listed with NCIC and I'm trying to get him added
to NCMEC, but am hitting walls as they will only accept additions from law
enforcement agencies and ours is none to rushed about doing it. Also, I
contacted local TV stations about airing his picture. They said they can't
use air time for runaways as they have so many. I told them that it's not
like he's 5 hours late for curfew...he's over 5 DAYS LATE!
I don't know what else to do.
Thank you for anything you can do.
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