Men's waistcoat pattern?

I have bought some embroidered satin for my partner, who wants a new
waistcoat. Also some turquoise satin for the lining, and the little
buckle for the back strap. Does anyone have a pattern company they
recommend? Or a favourite pattern they would recommend? Any good
tips or advice before I start?
-- Jo in Scotland
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Jo in Scotland
There are several good waistcoat patterns about. This one from Vogue works well:
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Make sure you have enough fabric to match the pattern across the front... Don't just use boring lining fabric if this will be worn without a jacket! Pick a nice colour from the fabric pattern and use that. Here's one I made earlier...
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The fashion fabric is 100% silk fabric woven for ties, and the back and lining are silk tafeta.I like to use something like satin backed dupion to line waistcoats and make the backs. I made Alan a black one with dragons on it in gold, and backed it with the gold dupion, using it satin side out on the inside.
Recently a friend made her hubby a turquoise blue one with green, gold, and lilac fish on it (a Chinese brocade!). She gave it a matching turquoise back, but we did green buttonholes on it to match the green fish after experimenting... I often use embroidery thread to do buttonholes, or fine silk thread (YLI or Coats 100 weight, NOT Gutterman!), as this gives a really fab finish.
My personal choice for buttons is usually something fairly plain, such as plain gold or silver blazer buttons, especially if the fabric is very busy.
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