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I just purchased a Singer Touch & Sew Zig-Zag Model 758. It came without an
instruction manual.
I cannot figure out how to refill the bobbin.
Most everything else I've figured out on my own.
Could someone possible give me a walk-thru on how to refill the bobbin?
Thank you,
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HI, Sandy, I just got a 758 with the owner's manual. Instructions follow:
Make sure a stitch pattern disc is on the holder in the machine and buttonhole dial is in OFF position. 1. Use general purpose, special purpose, or straight stitch presser foot. 2. Raise presser foot to release tension on thread, and raise the needle to its highest position. Make sure your needle is larger than a size 9. 3. Open slide plate and make sure bobbin is empty. 4. Set needle position and stitch width dials at straight stitch setting "c" and stitch width at "0"
Winding steps
1. Press bobbin push button to the left to engage it in winding position. 2. Wrap thread around presser foot screw, and hold end of thread firmly. 3. Start the machine. Run the machine at a moderate speed. Pull thread end away after a rew coils have been wound. Keep your eye on the bobbin as it fills. Do not allow thread to wind beyond the outside FULL ring. Close slide plate to release push button to sewing position. Start sewing.
Good luck,
Bill Steele Pensacola, Fl
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